Player Watch #33: Tom Fullarton – traded from Brisbane

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Media guy has outdone himself with these graphics.


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I am happy with this pick he is athletic and can fill in nicely for Gawn so he can get a rest. The athleticism means he can't be ignored and can have the ability to contribute.

I imagine he also has a great opportunity to learn from Gawn and grow. I don't expect a huge amount but a bit of a role player

So no big expectations ...
At worst if Gawn is injured he's a genuine tall that could fill in for a game or two. If he dominates up forward for Casey early then you can consider him for a senior spot in the forward line and rucking 5 minutes a quarter.

See him as a potential upgrade on Schache and cost nothing but a pick we weren't using.
How bad are we going that we'd rather play Petty, Chandler and Turner over the forwards at Casey! We've got 2 backman as our talls in the F50. The list management has honestly been laughable while in a premiership window(clearly now firmly shut).

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