Game Day AFL Round 18: West Coast Eagles vs North Melbourne @ Metricon Thursday 5.10 pm 17th of September 2020.

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The wily weagle

Club Legend
Oct 16, 2014
AFL Club
West Coast
After the debacle of the final round last year costing top 4

After still being a chance to play top 4 this year

Playing a team that might win the spoon this season

And we serve up that.

Ryan was a lone hand, Allen was good in the last quarter, and everyone needs a kick in the ass. Just insipid and lazy football.

We'll take the points, and move on. But if we are honest with ourselves, tonight was disgraceful


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 16, 2004
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
West Perth, West Ham
Thank fu** that is over. Ump tries to give Ah Chee a leg up, na I'll just drop on me instep and shank it, nearly as big a shank as his pevious kick.:(

The Passenger

Mr. Mojo Risin'
Mar 25, 2003
Hasa Diga Eebowai
AFL Club
West Coast
Even if Geelong lose, there's still no guarantees we get top 4 is there?

Someone do the math please.
If Geelong or Richmond lose we are top four. Definitely.

As of now:
Eagles 48
Richmond 46
Cats 44

If both win, we drop out. There's no feasible percentage permutations with them both winning and us finishing fourth.

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Carbine Chaos

Blue Tree Project
Apr 1, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Perth Demons, Everton
Probably where we differ there then, I really liked some of the courage he showed in the WAFL games late last year. Reckon he'll be a bit of a slow burn like Shep but worth persevering with.
Should put a cheeky bet on it mate, he strikes me as an early delisting.

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