Are the Crows mad?

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Jun 7, 2011
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You’re in the bottom 2 and you find out your club has basically delisted a club champion and two time AA despite the fact he’s 29. Yeah Daniel Talia has had some injuries but he’s not 33 and he’s clearly best 22. I can understand delisting Tom Lynch but he’s also best 22.

It looked like they’ve been turning things around but, no, obviously they’re still in shambles. If I was a Crows fan I’d be absolutely pissed. They’re supposed to be building and they’ve just given their best defender away to probably one of the 16 clubs better than them currently on the ladder.

Between the whole Tex thing, the camp crap, some of their off field decisions are really astounding. Has this club done anything good in the past 4 years with the exception of drafting Thilthorpe? They even screwed that up because they tried to pick Jamarra first..

Pride of South Australia yep ok 🥱
aged beautifully, awesome insights, top notch stuff.

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May 1, 2016
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What you are seeing is how a LTI can change the entire outlook of a football club. Especially when they happen in preseason.

Talia doesn't make it back, and it allows Jordon Butts a clear run at Talias role, who takes it with open arms and had an admirable season (truly a baptism of fire seeing he only played 4 games prior to this season). It also allowed our supp pick for this year, Nick Murray, to cement a CHB spot and look an intriguing player in his own right. An impressive feat noting he had the shortest preseason and lost last year due to COVID.

Unfortunately for Talia, a potential 10-year KPD pairing just fell into our lap whilst he was out injured. Considering our position, and we're likely to be a bottom dweller for a year or two yet, it'd be absolutely mad to not give it as clear of a run as possible.
This sort of post is what the main board used to be for; informative and relevant to the thread.


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