Game Day Around The Grounds Rnds 16 - 20

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Jul 12, 2010
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yeah i do feel for him...hope he gets the job but think it will be frustrating af
Coming back to Carlton as a senior assistant under Teague would be a smarter move for his aspirations than coaching that rabble. After failing again as a senior coach at st kilda he'd never be given a third opportunity.

Come back to us, within 2-3 years he's experienced the ultimate success as an assistant at 2 afl clubs and other senior coaching roles would have opened up. He can put his hand up for a senior job with a non-s**tful club that actually has a chance of winning something one day.

Perhaps I'm being too soft on the saints here though.

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Apr 4, 2018
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Not to lay the boots into him, but we heard Bolton talk for so long about trying to improve our 'cohestion' and 'mid/forward connection' when Teague has got us firing in those areas and did it in a week.
i think bolts defense first approach is now be paying dividends. he probably just left the transition to bringing in layers of offense too late to the point where the players just got sick and tired of losing and basically gave up.


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If gcs can keep all 3 from last years draft they will rise quickly. Ben king showing great signs too.
Absolutely. King has been fantastic for the last month. I really hope we get to see Rankine before the end of the year too. He is the most exciting draftee I've seen in a very long time.

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