Australian Open Grand Slam 2021 Tennis

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Ok got a little bored so thought I'd check. Djok and Nadal played 4 finals in a row against each other from mid '11 to mid '12, so I'll count "last 10 years" as post-that stretch:

Djokovic: 8-4: 4-2 Murray, 0-2 Stan, 4-0 the rest
Nadal: 6-1: 1-1 Stan, 5-0 the rest
Fed: 3-0: 1-0 Murray, 2-0 the rest (both Cilic)

Overall 17-5, 11-0 vs non Murray/Stan, 6-5 vs Murray/Stan

So Stan and Murray held their own in finals against big three and noone else has touched them. Lol Next Gen.

Stan being 3-1 in finals, all against Novak or Nadal, is pretty incredible. Also Murray is actually 2-8 overall vs them in finals because he is 0-3 in finals more than 10 years ago
Yeah i counted Murray as the 4th so that makes the record even worse for the nonnies.

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