Win Prizes Bay 13 Margin Mania 2024, bigger, better, bustier

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Margin Mania, from rounds 8 to 24, plus GF bonus!

First deadline: 2nd May.

The rules are:

- You need to pick one team every week. The team must be different from all previous weeks. You will get their winning margin for the week added to, or their losing margin subtracted from, your running total.

- You must pick a team before the bounce of the first game every week. If you don’t make a pick your team will be the one chosen by Dont let beat you.

- You can't pick against the same opponent two weeks in a row.

- You can only pick each team once through the competition

- GF bonus - As you have picked 17 teams by the end of round 24, there is only 1 team left over. If that team wins the flag, you get the points from their biggest winning margin for the season added on to your score, which could make all the difference at the end. Previous comps have been won with this strategy (by me!). Of course, you could leave out a low ranking team all together, and try to win without the GF bonus.

- You can play up to 3 jokers through the competition, which will double the margin for that week - a positive or negative margin, it’s doubled! You have to nominate your joker when you send in your pick. Jokers cannot be used for the Grand Final.

- If you dont use all your jokers by the end of the home and away season they are forfeit! :thumbsu:

I will post a spreadsheet detailing the scores sometime after the last game of the round and before the first game of the next round. :)

Comp winner will receive something so amazing they will need to be hospitalised.
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I'm winning the tipping comp so I might as well win this too


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