Multiplat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019 reboot) - including Warzone

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Sep 7, 2008
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Apart from the ridiculous size of this thing, I absolutely love it. Played the sh*t out of it.

Deleted the new Black Ops off the PS5 today to make room for yet another update for MW.

Didn’t mind BO but MW just plays so much better IMO.


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Jan 7, 2018
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I have bought an external hard drive so I can start playing again.

I downloaded red dead 2 again and my online stats were still there.

Hopefully my load outs are waiting for me when I download and play again.

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Art Vandelay_

Oct 28, 2012
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When you go on youtube and watch a lot of prominent cod creators. For the last 2-3 years and iterations of cod they’ve mostly been miserable and hated on the games.

WWII was my first cod back after BO2. Missed the whole jetpack era. Ought the game 3 months in so missed a lot of the launch period issues. Not a bad game.

BO4. Hated at the start then started to like it. Grew on me. Some specialists were annoying as fu** though. Cod World League was good to watch though as well.

MW2019 and CW both have strong SBMM but I don’t care as the MTX system is much fairer and crossplay is a game changer as someone on PC.

But reckon the youtube guys hate the game for a couple reasons.

To make enough money out of it all they need clips, twitch streams etc and that requires hours per day gameplay so SBMM would get annoying, not to mention getting quality clips and highlights is harder in sweaty lobbies.

Most focus on the mastery camo grind so 2-3 months in they have damascus/dark matter etc and nothing more to grind for. So the content ideas run dry.

Whereas us work 9-5 plebs use cod to unwind so playing for an hour a day isn’t going to get annoyed about SBMM and the mastery camo grind takes a lot longer so the feeling of progression remains longer into the year.

FWIW my CW gold atm is MP5, 74u, MX4, Krig, FFAR, all snipers, magnum. MW2019 is all guns except LMG’s and the shield.

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