Food, Drink & Dining Out Can you use chopsticks?

Can you use chopsticks?

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Spent 3 weeks in (mainland) China a few years back and I was determined to not use a fork the entire time. Took about 2.5 of the most frustrating hours of my life to get the hang of them but now I can use them pretty easily.

If you have nice grippy ones it's actually just like picking stuff up with your fingers but less messy.
Yes but get the Asian soup spoon involved when getting to the bottom of the bowl to scoop up the rice.

But Thai (who don't traditionally use chop sticks) & sometimes Malay involves western spoon and fork.
Yes, purely because I once turned up to a work lunch late and no one else was using a fork so I couldn't ask.

From that point forward I've vowed to use chopsticks wherever possible.

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