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Jul 31, 2017
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Port Adelaide
Howard for Bonner
Butters for Rockliff (I reckon we had one too many midfielders today with Boak having to play Forward more, so would drop Rockliff who was probably the worst out of them)

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Kiss from a Rozee

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Nov 23, 2018
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Port Adelaide
Sutcliffe was pretty anonymous for a while there but 2 goals is a good return. He doesn’t make any mistakes either so probably could stay in the side unless Farrell kicks 5 goals or something and forces selection.

Butters has gotta come back in, probably for Sam Gray or Powell-Pepper.

Bonner’s spot in the side is extremely vulnerable but depends if anyone in the reserves wants it enough. I’d expect Garner will come in but who knows, Ken seems to back Bonner in most of the time.

Lycett might go back and get 60 hitouts 35 touches and 15 marks and force his way back into the side. Frampton needs to put in a big couple of weeks and try to sneak back into the team.

Good spot I think.


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Oct 25, 2015
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Port Adelaide
In the wet we could afford more bigger bodies, but on a fast deck we need to swap out for speed

My changes:

> Rockcliff out for Butters. Rocky’s form puts him at the bottom of the pecking order for inside mids. Also he can barely run

> Sutcliffe out for Farrell. If low disposals but goals is what we want then get games into Farrell who has a much higher ceiling

> Bonner out for Garner...maybe. Bonner’s penetrating kick would be pretty handy at Marvel, but his turnovers hurt us. So it’s a defender with more offensiveness v a defender with more defensiveness. What do we want more of given the balance of the team?

If Burton was fit he’d go ahead of both Bonner and Garner but obviously that’s not reality


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Apr 1, 2009
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Port Adelaide
Sutcliffe has been good the last two weeks, I much prefer him in a forward role. Just can't shake the feeling though that he is another one of those Cam O'Shea/Kane Mitchell flawed journeymen plodders that Ken can't help but keep picking until they conclusively s**t themselves on the big stage and cost us a game or two.

I'd rather he comes out for Butters, but otherwise Sam Gray hasn't been delivering much recently either, and could make way. Hopefully Burton is back, a decent upgrade on Bonner and makes our defensive 6 rock solid. Howard maybe needs to come in to stand Ben Brown.
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