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Jun 10, 2017
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Out: Voss

PORT Adelaide chairman David Koch has whacked assistant coach Michael Voss, calling on him to not meet with other clubs until season's end.

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Voss met with Carlton earlier this week regarding the Blues' senior coaching vacancy, and on Friday morning, Koch expressed his annoyance with the situation on Sunrise.

"People go for better jobs. That's great, but do it at the end of the season," Koch said.

"We're paying you at the moment.. do your job"@Kochie_Online on @PAFC Assistant Coach Michael Voss meeting with other clubs.
— Sunrise (@sunriseon7) July 18, 2019
"Focus on the job at hand. We're paying you at the moment. Do your job. Show your interest (in other jobs), but hey, get focused."

His comments are in contradiction with what Voss said on Thursday.

"The fact that I've had the club's support is obviously pretty important. It doesn't shift off what your focus is here," Voss said.

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Lawnchair Larry

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Apr 1, 2015
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The only reason Sutcliffe can be playing is if Ken has acknowledged a gross misuse of him, and is prepared for one last rolling assessment.
He seems, if this is the case, to apportion such grace in a random access sort of way.


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Aug 25, 2013
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i didnt think he travelled? thought garner and drew did only
May not have travelled but is listed as an emergency.

Taking a tall to cover a KPP would be far to logical for Stinkley. Especially having also lost Burton last week.

Kenny will probably send Sutcliffe to Lynch now.

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Mar 3, 2014
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I reckon Woodcock has been alright without being spectacular this year. Always chips in with a goal or 2. Last week was like a breakout game.

If he puts in a good effort vs a good side in Glenelg then I think he might be a chance next week.
His last month has been really good. He should be in ahead of a couple of small forwards currently selected.


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Apr 22, 2008
mt gambier
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We have to remember that Richmond belted the piss out of us on our own turf with half their team out.
On the MCG with players returning goodness knows what will happen here PAFC embarrassed AGAIN?
hinkley completely outcoached by Hardwick AGAIN.
Another miserable weekend of football again unless the cows get smashed.
Im convinced that hinkley suffers from some mind/psychological condition that stunts and limits his ability to find constructive and creative ways through problems.
He has got this club locked into a maze that is stifling and counter productive going absolutely nowhere at the same time. The sad thing about all this is the buffoons above him are allowing this garbage to continue.
Richmond and Hardwick cant believe their luck.

AFC AFeederClub

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Nov 23, 2018
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usually we play alright against Richmond because of the way they like to play gives us room to move but today i think we gonna get a smacking even though it is our 'on' week
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