First test of the aussie summer

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I attended the WACA since 1983 and most fans loved it. Sun was an issue but it’s an issue at every ground. Some of the issues were an easy fix but the WACA chose to ignore them. Now cricket is gone unfortunately.
We tolerated it.

An concrete bowl with little shade, uncomfortable seats, and poor amenities.

I worked in the hospitality areas at the WACA from 1998 to 2002 and the back of house areas were on a spectrum from awful to deathtrap even then.

I'll always remember being there when the lights went on for the first time during the America's Cup Challenge, or the day Curtly Ambrose took 7/1, or Matthew Hayden's 380, and plenty of other days and nights.

What we loved was the cricket.

But the venue itself was a shithole.

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Australia bat deep into day 2, roll the windies by middle of day 4. Everyone talks how good we are etc. Hope on a plane and we're no good. Seen it a billion times.

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