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Apr 1, 2011
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AFL fixture 2020: League announces Rounds 14-17 will be played in the space of just 18 days

The AFL is unleashing a second compressed Footy Frenzy that will see matches played on 17 of 18 days across Rounds 14-17.
The league is in the midst of 20 consecutive days of football as part of its original frenzy - Rounds 9-12 — and will on Friday unveil a fixture beginning on Thursday August 27 after a three-day break from Round 13.

The AFL will compress those three rounds but have a conventional Thursday-Sunday round 18 that will not have official days or times for games until later in the home-and-away season.

The AFL has announced Hawthorn-Essendon will be played on Thursday August 27, with 10 of the 18 teams to be handed a bye in that block.

Melbourne and Essendon will play their catch-up game in that block, and are among the teams with a gruelling schedule ahead.

The league’s Round 18 schedule will have games put into slots closer to finals and could allow the league to schedule a final on Thursday in the first week of the major rounds.

But the league might also decide to hand clubs a break before the first week of finals.

If clubs are not given a bye there could be mass resting of players in teams that cannot change ladder position.

The league had been keen to canvass clubs on the toll taken on their players in the compressed schedule featuring 20 straight days of footy.

But clubs including Geelong and Collingwood were happy to forge ahead, with both those teams set to get byes in coming weeks.


Andrew Birch

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Dec 3, 2017
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On one hand my good bench cover was for nothing now but on the other my sub premos wont hurt as much. It is what it is given the circumstances. I more annoyed we wont know who is playing for the rest of the season
From next week most coaches will have 20-22 keepers available + 2-3 benchies at a minimum. After that it's just a matter of sizewaysing premo's with upcoming byes with our remaining trades. If it's best 18 between Rd14-17 it shouldn't cause too many problems if 1-2 of our guns are unexpectedly "managed".

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Sep 29, 2005
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round 15 the only issue as from my current team will only have 16 of my best 22 playing but with trades and some bench cover luck I should be able to field 18 barring injuries.

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