VFL Footscray Bulldogs vs Brisbane Lions 12:05pm 1/7 @ Red Rooster Park

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Oliver Gigacz

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May 14, 2009
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Western Bulldogs
Full stats breakdown (full player stats at the bottom of the post, stats aren't final and I will update the post once CD completes their review)...

Disposal Efficiency
FO: 62%
BL: 65%

Kicking Efficiency
FO: 51%
BL: 58%

Hitouts / To Advantage
17 / 4 - Darcy
6 / 1 - Khamis
1 / 0 - Lewis

Hitouts To Advantage

FO: 5
BL: 16

First Possessions
FO: 35
BL: 54

Clearances / Centre Clearances

FO: 35 / 9
BL: 51 / 16

Contested Possessions
FO: 130
BL: 186

Contested Marks
FO: 7
BL: 17

Marks Inside 50
FO: 4
BL: 10

Defensive 50 Marks
FO: 10
BL: 20

Defensive 50 Intercept Marks
FO: 4
BL: 3

FO: 26
BL: 26

Score Launches
4 - Darcy
3 - Raak
2 - Cleary, Garcia, Khamis
1 - Bade, Butler, Craig-Peters, Garner, Kellet, Macpherson, McLean, Orgill, Sullivan

Inside 50 Efficiency
FO: 53%
BL: 57%

Shots At Goal
FO: 21 (48%)
BL: 27 (52%)

Scoring Profile (Footscray / Brisbane)
Set Shot: 5.5 / 5.4
Snap: 4.2 / 2.5
On Run: 1.3 / 6.1
Mark Play On: 0.1 / 0.0
Ground Kick: 0.0 / 1.0

0M-15M: 2.0 / 6.0
15M-30M: 2.1 / 1.3
31M-40M: 4.0 / 3.5
41M-50M: 2.8 / 3.2
51M+: 0.2 / 1.0

Scores Directly From FK/50MP: 4.3 / 1.2
Scores In Time-On: 5.2 / 7.5

FO: 12
BL: 6

Champion Data Ranking Points (Supercoach)
109 - Butler
101 - Cleary
85 - Garcia
83 - Drummond
78 - Khamis
72 - McLean
72 - Sullivan
72 - Darcy
71 - McNeil
71 - Garner
66 - Orgill
63 - Hannan
59 - Macpherson
57 - Cordy
53 - R. Smith
43 - Kellet
42 - Lewis
42 - Bade
34 - Craig-Peters
30 - Jones
26 - Stretton
21 - Raak
20 - Hamad

Free Kick Summary

Score Sources

Player Stats Table


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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 17, 2007
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Can anyone who watched shed some light on Darcy’s disposal efficiency at only 25%? Presumably someone impacted by his level of crazy high percentage of possessions being contested again.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 29, 2015
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Western Bulldogs
Is it the ground/s at Caboolture?

I've been to a few pre-season games there in the past.

About 15 mins into the last quarter someone nearly took an absolutely massive hanger for us.
Anyone know who? (The commentary is as bad as the umpiring and weather. )
Moreton Bay Sports Complex in Burpengary. Near enough to Caboolture though.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 29, 2015
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Western Bulldogs
Can anyone who watched shed some light on Darcy’s disposal efficiency at only 25%? Presumably someone impacted by his level of crazy high percentage of possessions being contested again.
Very in and under game from him. Conditions also made it conducive to a contested game. He's not afraid to get into the packs though which is good.

goodcop badcop

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Sep 4, 2014
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I thought it was a pretty good effort from the VFL team after getting smashed all over the ground early on. Brisbane looked a lot bigger in the body and had a decent amount of height in their forward line.

#10 Darcy - Played mostly ruck and some time forward. Had a lot of good moments especially early on. Took a couple good marks in the first and competed well particularly in the 1st half. Dropped away in the 2nd half and Fort and the other Brisbane rucks got on top especially around the ground. Liked that he showed some aggression & took it upon himself to win a centre clearance by himself when we were getting belted. He was well beaten today though particularly around the ground and had no noticeable impact when forward.

#12 Cordy - Played back. Didn't do a lot wrong for the first 3 qtrs, but also wasn't involved much either. His last qtr was a bit of a mixed bag, where he lost his opponent a couple times and probably should have done better with a ground ball. He had good moments also, one in particular where he intercepted the ball against two or 3 opponents. Overall he was okay.

#16 McLean - Played midfield. Tried his guts out. Attacked the contest at speed and used the don't argue to break through congestion at times. Was one of our few players that looked threatening. Probably needed to be a bit better with his ball use though.

#18 Butler - Played wing. He had a pretty good 1st half, his ball use was very good and kicked our first goal I think. Was one of our best. The 2nd half he struggled particularly with his use. One thing I've noticed with him is he gets the ball smothered a lot and it's under very little pressure. Today was no different. He's too inconsistent with his use.

#24 Khamis - Played forward with some stints in the ruck. Was pretty good, kicked two, unlucky not to get 3 with a poster. Was often used as a target in the kick ins in the 2nd half and got about 2 or 3 free kicks from those contests which was important. He does float around sometimes, I do wish he would show a bit more intensity at times especially when he doesn't have the ball.

#29 Hannan - Played down back for the first 3 qtrs. Took some of the kicking in duties and he did quite well with his ball use . He didn't have much of an impact apart from that though and lost a couple one on ones although he was against much taller opponents. In the last qtr he was switched forward and looked dangerous. Kicked a great snap 35m under pressure and just missed another from about 60m. Almost took a hanger close to goal, the ball unfortunately slipped through his hands.

#30 McNeil - Played forward and spent some time in the midfield. Kicked 3 goals for the day and was ok. Wasn't involved a lot, but did tackle strongly. Probably should have done better at times, as he was a bit fumbly on his first touch and did drop a couple relatively easy marks (one was a chest mark). Overall played well, but he could be better.

#32 Jones - Played forward and wing. Tried hard, I liked a lot of his defensive efforts. He just fumbles way too much and his skills are not good enough at the moment.

#36 Cleary - Played back although looked like he got up the ground much higher today. Thought he was our most consistent today and probably our best player on the day. His foot skills and ball use was very classy today. Played on Coleman for most of the day (1st round pick a couple years ago) and did pretty well. I think just had a goal kicked on him. Spent some time on taller opponents as well and I don't remember him losing a contest.

#37 Smith - Played a bit all over the place. Still looked to have a fair bruise on his face from the other week. He wasn't involved much until the 2nd half. Dropped a few marks he normally takes and was a bit fumbly in general. Perhaps still feeling the effects of that eye injury.

#40 Raak - Played forward for the first 3 qtrs and had a bit of an almost game. Kicked 3 behinds in the 2nd qtr, with one touched on the goal line and another he probably should have kicked. He had a couple good contests in the air in the 3rd qtr where he was able to use his leap and attack the ball. Just couldn't quite drag it down. Perhaps on a dryer day he could drag those down so is perhaps worth persisting with in the forward line for a bit.

#77 Garcia - Played midfield. Was one of our best in the 1st half and kicked a good goal in the 2nd when nobody else could. Wasn't as involved as much in the 2nd half. He had a couple good clearances, but thought the bigger bodies of Brisbane were a bit too much for him at times and he was pushed off the ball a bit.

As for the VFL boys, I thought Garner had a great 1st half and held our back line together with a number of intercept marks. He went missing after that which seems to happen a bit. Kellet struggled a bit today I think. Sullivan was the usual. Won a lot of it, not damaging with it and and had a couple terrible kicks under no pressure.
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Team Captain
Apr 18, 2006
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Western Bulldogs
First year draftee and indigenous player from another state from a rural town. Could just be struggling with life at the club.
Hopefully gets 8 pre seasons to show what he's got like another player who is still struggling in the vfl with a year to run on a contract :straining:

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