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Orange Agent

Premiership Player
Oct 12, 2016
AFL Club
Improvement in fitness and injury management will go a long way, add Coniglio and Ward to any team and they are instantly better. A 21 yo won the B&F and him and a 22 yo carried the midfield for most of the season. Hard to see them falling away with more support. Kelly can regain his best form. Our fwd line looked miles better this year and our backline was exceptional. Our biggest weakness was ruck which has been improved. A healthy list for the full season would make a massive difference.


Premium Gold
Sep 23, 2012
AFL Club
Love the appointment of Cooper Cronk. He's got such a good brain for sport, look at his success in NRL, he's bound to be full of knowledge and wisdom. He's also very well spoken and analytical for anyone who has seen him on Fox League. Better than most ex-NRL players who talk utter dribble all the time (looking at you Justin Hodges)

General Giant

Hall of Famer
Apr 12, 2012
AFL Club

The GIANTS today announced that Jason McCartney has been appointed to the position of General Manger, Football Operations and confirmed the departure of Wayne Campbell.

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Andre the Giant

Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 20, 2012
Melbourne, VIC
AFL Club
Give Emma a shot?
That’s actually a very sensible suggestion but perhaps promote Caruso to that role and Quayle as Recruitment Manager. She has a great knowledge of the space and has done her time at the club to understand all the nuances. We could do a lot worse.


Club Legend
Jan 26, 2014
AFL Club
Great to shame that Nicks left and after only 1 season I feel it is a bit of a surprise but if he was after a head coaching role he needed to take the opportunity and hopefully he left plenty of knowledge with the club and I feel that 2020 will be a year for Lenny Hayes to show if he has what it takes to step up and looking at the development of Taranto and Hopper he has promise IMO
Campbell leaving was forecast during the year and hopefully the issues that led to him leaving are not serious and that Mccartney has a better run in the job
I still would have liked an experience coach to come in but I think it was last minute with Nicks leaving and no suitable candidates were available and the club has 3 very expereinced players in Shaw Mumford and Jacobs who can bring different things to training

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