Guessing the 15 metre rule

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Aug 16, 2009
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The issue is the umpires are calling not 15 when the ball has only travelled 5m. Its guess work
There is a more general issue of teams in possession getting an unfair advantage from short-passing less than the required 15m and being paid a mark. It would be interesting to hear from current umpires (non-AFL or AFL) how they estimate kicking distance.

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Jun 21, 2014
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Mate, that is NOT 4m. There are more than enough camera angles to show that. The vanishing point is going to have very little impact over that distance. From goal to goal over 150m yes, but not over 10m.

There is absolutely no way that is 4m.
Check my images. unless the goals changed from 6.2m width then yes that's less than 4m when you account for convergence of vectors


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Sep 19, 2007
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Port Adelaide
Check my images. unless the goals changed from 6.2m width then yes that's less than 4m when you account for convergence of vectors
Measure the top of the goalsquare on the wide shot and it's 9cm (on my screen), down from 11cm. There is about 2mm distortion on that image between goal post and point post on the wide (Right) side. There is a diminishing view front to back. Very little distortion left to right in that image. The distance horizontally from corner of goal square to the kicking point, is about 9.3cm. Which is clearly not anywhere near 4M


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Aug 14, 2011
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lol it was called touched.
I like the earley call of touched and not 15 otherwise you get that weird stop in play where everyone freezes and waits for whistle or umpires to call play on. Also umpires called touched off boot last night not 15m rule it was commentators who called that.
9.5/10 times it is called before the ball is touched by another player the umps can see where the player is standing and the basic trajectory of the ball. It is never an issue.

In the case of last night it didn't matter either because it was called touched.
What A Comeback! - Swans vs Geelong Last Two Minutes - YouTube

Hard to hear with commentators and crowd noise but sounds like a call of play on with ball in air and than touched play on as mark was being tacken followed by touched play on again.

listen again and maybe not 15 call in there aswell at end
Ball is first touched in front of the goal post, I'm being generous.

Umps got it right in this instance
Ive just watched it 4 times with the volume right up with head phones on. Its clearly 'touched, play on'. The commentators should be the ones giving a please explain.
nah, wrong

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