Roast Jobeism

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Seasoned Football Analyst
Aug 21, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Bring your kid to work for work experience for no pay?

i mean its kerry stokes at the top
The only way people will forget you are the worst drug cheat in Australian history is if you construct a new identity as a comical buffoon commentator.

Mr Stokes won't subsidise that.

You're not an alleged war criminal!

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MVille Swan

Aug 13, 2016
AFL Club
I think people are being a little harsh on Jobe. He is a modern man after all, a free thinker. We know this because he
has a hat that has the word "Feminist" printed on it. And he went to New York to become a barista. Not just anyone
can get into one of those Tribeca coffee education institutions you know. We shouldn't be surprised he is thinking outside
of the box and feels the English language is constraining and not inclusive enough of these new words he is introducing
to the AFL community for it's betterment.


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 20, 2015
AFL Club
I quite enjoy his commentary. It’s a bit different in a good way. And how could it be worse than the current crop in anycase? Unlike the others, he is informative, polite, not full of himself.
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Jack Stevens

#2 Ticket Holder
Aug 17, 2013
AFL Club
St Kilda
he slightly struggles to pronounce interpretation, who cares

dropped a mark he would have kicked (the goal) we all know what he meant

which team can outwear/outlast/wear out the other one... meh. Again we know what he meant

Honestly I don’t think this he’s as bad as what you’re making out to be... standus operatus aside... ok that one’s just weird. I’d still take him over Ling though.
This would all be fair enough if we were talking about a player being interviewed etc, but Jobe is literally employed to provide insights in a coherent manner for a TV audience. God help us if the bar is so low that this acceptable.

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All Australian
Sep 26, 2019
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Other Teams
Shakespeare invented 442 words (the exact number is debated), usually by modifying existing words, for example: 'multitudinous'.

Jobe needs to pick up the pace but he is well on his way.

Surpassing Shakespeare and becoming the world's greatest wordsmith in AD 2043 will finally result in him being conferred a new honorific, replacing Captain Drugcheat Brownlow Returner.

Imet Hassa

Team Captain
Aug 18, 2016
AFL Club
The only thing that can save the channel 7 commentary is more Jobeism.
I fancy a team similar in articulactation to the gems from Lou, Captain Blood, Jobe and headed up by Crackers Keenan. There are not enough “two long testicle” references these days.


Apr 25, 2018
the southern end of the minyip swamp
AFL Club
He’s terrible. Joins a long list of ex players Ch 7 use that do not have the basic personal skills to do the job: articulate, quick thinking, knows how and when to be succinct, right timbre of voice.

Amazing that for such a highly sought after job, this is the best ch7 can find. Surely there are people with the right skills and experience?

Interesting that Kirk and McAdam didn’t last long but peanuts like Richo, Ling, Darcy, Taylor all keep their jobs. I bet they keep Jobe around too.

I now just time shift the games and put the volume down low enough i can block out most of the commentary. I then fast forward all the pre game, quarter time breaks. Much more enjoyable I gotta say. So well done ch7!
Mcadam lol

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