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Mar 20, 2012
AFL Club
Okay, so we have all kinds of discussion threads, but we don't have a logo discussion thread. I thought, instead of creating a new thread every time a new logo comes out. Post it here.

To kick this off, I have three new logo that I want to share:

Miami Dolphins new logo: (confirmed a few weeks ago)

Houston Astros: (released about a month ago)

The Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018 logo: (released of Tuesday)

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 21, 2007
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Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Aston Villa, San Antonio Spurs
The vikings update is terrific. Changing much about the norseman would have caused riots, but they cleaned it up and made it bolder and more condensed really well.

As for the Dolphins, as a dolphins fan I really love it! Simple, not so cartoony, and hopefully it's paired with some sharp new uniforms.

It caused a fair bit of outrage amongst dolphins fans when it was initially leaked but it's growing on people. I'll be grabbing a new hat and probably a new jersey on release.

Mr Eagle

I like to watch.
Jun 2, 2001
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West Coast
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Port's logo has always been a bit of a basketcase. Tried to be a bit 'traditional Port' and a bit 'new Port' and didn't really achieve either. The quick acceptance of the double V jumper should be all they need to justify having a second go at it.

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