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Cash is King

Quiet Australian
Sep 8, 2016
AFL Club
Ironically you can blame Australian men for that.
Every Australian father raises their daughter to marry as successful a man as possible.
Actually I reckon it’s quite the opposite. Very few fathers in Australia have any say in who their daughter ends up with. In terms of the definition of “picky” I would wager that money and success isn’t that high on the list of priorities in egalitarian Australia. I see a lot of Aussie girls with seriously dumb guys but who tend to be considered the jocks or loud and cocky as well as already being in the circle.

If Some young attractive woman is on say 60k a year in an office job then she can already save for her Euro trip while living in a nice sharehouse with friends paying $200 a week. A nerdy and sorta unattractive but Mr Reliable type of guy on 120k ain’t gonna impress her much nor change her life dramatically. 500k plus though? Yeah let’s start talking.

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May 8, 2007
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Where I am, the percentage of Hot Anglo/aussie women over 30 would be less than 20%.
However, the percentage of thin, good looking Asian/Aussie women over 30 from Japan/Korea/China/Indo etc. would be 60%+
Go grab one of the 20% of hot Aussie women.

I have never gotten yellow fever personally but I have mates who have. I find Asian women attractive to an extent but alot of the so called thin attractive ones are very meh imo


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Nov 21, 2009
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Not sure what I expected but there is an awful lot of sad and depressingly jaded people in this thread. If every Australian woman you'd be interested in is not interested in you you're either aiming too high or you've got nothing to offer and you fall well below their standards.

Keeping the thread on topic is it a prerequisite to have a fat gut on you before you can marry a mail order bride? I've never seen a 40+ guy with a mail order bride or in sex tourist destinations that isn't overweight.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 26, 2003
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North Melbourne
This is a great analysis on age differences. Not saying you have to agree with it - if you don't you may understand why it's not unusual for older men to shack up with younger women.


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