Manchester United Thread

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Have said it before Casemiro is only worthwhile in a team that wants and keeps possession, not the right player at all for a team that wants to sit back and just counter.

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Tbh, I don't put much stock in his statement. If the situation changed, and Real Madrid suddenly was looking for a new manager and they wanted him, he would instantly go to them but more importantly, Madrid would pay/do whatever is needed to get him. Same goes for City, etc..

That's the difference between us and the top clubs now. We've forgotten how to act like a big club and gotten used to mediocrity.

Anyhoo, looks like we are still looking at Potter and De Zerbi according to latest reports.
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I think this loss of Manchester City will reinvigorate Erik Ten Hag and Bruno Fernandes to inspire the dressing room to victory in the semi-final against Coventry. Hopefully, we can go on a strong run in the Premier League and win the FA Cup to end the season.

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