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Aug 29, 2010
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Goody has always been a pretty poor media performer - he’s as bland as Roos without being anywhere near as smart (Roos was good at avoiding blame on both himself and the players). Club is obviously trying to get something out there so we can’t say Goodwins been silent since season end but jesus he is as uninspiring as they get. I’d love a journo to actually grill him with the following questions:

- Why have Melbourne rushed players back from injury so often?
- Why was Fritsch played back all year when his best footy was up forward in 2018?
- Why have our weaknesses (Poor forward entries, easy to score against, flooding the contest) gotten worse?

Of course this won’t happen because journos are desperate to keep their fingers in the AFL pie and are too scared to criticise. As much as I hate Barrett at least he has the balls to question people.
Living over seas you realise how back water Australia is. There's a youtube show I chuck on for noise late at night which is some mid 20s English kids talking about soccer. Legit they have better analysis of the sport than Fox has about AFL here.

They will do all the post season write ups for teams who missed finals and 90% of it will be
- more speed and class
- outside run
- forward pressure

Apart from when they produce champion data stats that aren't available to the public id be surprised if anyone on this forum actually learns about anything watching the TV shows or listening to the radio


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Jun 12, 2013
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What does everything think in hindsight about the prelim review? As in the fact the we just ignored it and moved on.

I think good teams face it head on and watch it. The All blacks after they lost to us faced it head on and were determined to prove it was the wrong result, we on the other hand preferred the fairy tale outlook of it not being the real us which kinda flowed into the year

Rather than still pretending we aren't struggling ATM I'd like to the club to admit and face it head on
Didn’t they make that preseason video about confronting the prelim memories? I’m so confused by the whole thing.

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Apr 12, 2014
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Geez the more you read this Goodwin spin the worse it gets.

“We need to build a game style that our supporters go to the footy; they see it and they can associate with it, and they know what they’re going to get from week to week. It needs to be built to win finals.
Didn’t you do this in 2018 Simon? You waffle on about brand so much but you don’t actually acknowledge any weaknesses we had this year, instead you go for the lack of preparation excuse AGAIN.

Get the fu** out of our club
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