Universal Love Nathan Buckley - The Greatest.

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Captain Embubry

Team Captain
Jan 31, 2014
AFL Club
Congrats Bucks. First number i ever wore on my Pies jersey. First footballer i ever fell in love with. Heavily scrutinised from start to finish, often without reason. Deserved premierships as both a player and a coach. Sad the chapter has ended the way it has, but i think the Pies and Bucks will both move move on to bigger and better things.


Premium Gold
Aug 20, 2010
The Netherrealm
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FC Bayern, Chelsea FC, Raiders

On one leg.

Our greatest ever champion!
Never forget what this man has done for our club and the highlights he brought to us when Collingwood FC was the laughing stock of the comp in the mid to late 90s, we were basically the now version Carlton except had a player that people paid to see play.
does anyone know what happened to the poster favourites? Pretty sure he made an amazing Buckley video with My Sacrifice by Creed as the song. Had the video on my MySpace profile back in 2007 lol

Brad Goodman

His name isn't important
Oct 7, 2002
AFL Club
Only what 13 or is it 14 now still a way to grow and last reports pre covid was both boys are guns in their respective comps all be it very early days none the less let's live in optimism and both the Buckley boys are like the Daicos' brothers and afl beckons.
Imagine a flag team with two Daicoses and two Buckleys...

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Brownlow Medallist
Nov 13, 2008
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Margot Robbie's Shaving Team...
I’m surprised Korda showed himself, he is normally hiding in the shadows scared people are going to ask him some hard questions, but he will probably get licuria to do it anyway.
yeh i noticed him at the end.... and i spent all night making up posts to hang sh*t on him for not turning up...


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 19, 2011
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I’ve followed Bucks since he took PT Adelaide by storm and all the talk of him being a Magpie.

Loved every minute and supported him 99.9% of the Time throughout his playing & coaching career

I’m genuinely very sad.

Miss you Bucks and thank you.

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Club Legend
Jul 27, 2014
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New Orleans Saints
yeh i noticed him at the end.... and i spent all night making up posts to hang sh*t on him for not turning up...
He was there similar to that GM in the Jordan docos where nobody really wanted him there


Premiership Player
Jun 27, 2008
AFL Club
It's an odd feeling to be honest.

This individual has been the face of Collingwood pretty much my entire life. Had his poster on my wall as a kid.

I'm in my mid 30s now and to think about my life, all the things I've done, places I've been, and then realise Buckley has been at Collingwood the entire time.

******* hell, if there's a definition for loyalty, it would be the name "Nathan Buckley".

There's been a lot of trashing Collingwood's culture of late (well, for ever), but if there's been one shining light, it's been Nathan and the values he has brought and built into the club.

So gutted we couldn't give him a flag.

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