Mod. Notice New Saints leaders - Open call.

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We are on the lookout for new leaders for the Saints board.

If you would like to contribute in whichever way you think you are able, please PM me and we can talk about the various roles, responsibilities, and support and training mods receive to get them up and running.

Mods can be community leaders with a subset of modding privileges to run threads, or start on the path to becoming a full mod with more privileges and powers.

If you already run regular threads I'd be happy to work out if you could benefit from extra powers to manage those activities.

To finish, there's no getting around the recent modding change, so I can answer your general questions you might have about the role. We don't want to rip up everything already running well on the board, and don't want to impose any big changes from outside the Saints community.

PM me for details and a chat, I'm online day and night.

If you'd prefer to initially talk to another mod or admin, open a PM with them.

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Welcome to our first new inductee - StFly

Announcement thread here:

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