New Townsville Stadium

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Aug 14, 2011
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heres the issue with Sydney. noone, literally noone, wants to see a street circuit at homebush

the only way sydney get it is if they do a street circuit in close proximity of the cbd and on the water.

because sydneys roads were designed by following a goat with gasto, that aint happening
Cant fault your thinking, they'd battle if they couldnt use the Bridge.


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Dec 7, 2016
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My comparison of the 2 events was that there was international competition for both events.
I appreciate that, the greater competition for the Tennis Open probably may come from within Australia, because our Open is held in the Southern Hemisphere Summer whereas the other three held in the Northern Hemisphere are each separated only by weeks. That actually works to our advantage. I am not sure if Argentina, Brazil or South Africa have expressed interest in bidding for a grand slam open.

In Melbourne's favour, the Australian tennis open is the biggest in the world in terms of spectator support and is held at what is perhaps the very best tennis facility in the world. It's a successful and well supported event that is staged close to the city, contained in multi-use facilities that are fit-for-purpose, that cause little (if any) disruption to the wider city. Drawing 820,000 spectators it's easily the biggest event on Melbourne's sporting calendar (bigger than the AFL Finals series and Spring Racing Carnival combined). Definitely worth fighting to keep. :thumbsupv1:

The NSW Government expressed a desire to lure the F1 GP to Sydney several years ago and there were many in Melbourne who were saying "let them have it if they want it". The F1 is held on a street circuit on Melbourne's Southern traffic chokepoint. The disruption that it causes over the month that they close down Albert Park and the surrounding roads is immeasurable. It costs well over $200 million per-year to organise and conduct on top of the money that the State Government pay Mr Bernie Eccleston for the privilege of hosting it, and nobody has ever clearly quantified the supposed benefits of running it except to be told that it's good for us and that the details of running it are "Commercial-In-Confidence". As I said, some things just aren't worth wasting money on. :cautiousv1:
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