Peoples views on Jon Ralph....

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Loving the Eagles and Cats Salt
Aug 4, 2016
AFL Club
I don't suppose you find Jon Ralph and Mick Warner easy to listen to on the Herald Sun footy podcast?

Or Caro on the Age?
Nice try trying to make this Richmond thing. But Ill play ball :

Caro : Cant stand her. But her work , and the way she held her line on the Essendon stuff was magnificent. But she is otherwise unlistenable.

Jon Ralph : You obviously don't read his stuff ( i used to but fk me he is shocking) . He target hardens on tigers . There is a school of thought that he isn't really a tiger supporter.

Michael Warner : Love him. Stands his ground ,doesn't make sh*t up , too good for the Herald Sun. The way he held his nerve when baited all year by Jon Anderson and his mate Gullan ( faux Footscray supporter but really loves the cats) was just superb. If you take the time to listen to the HS Podcast from October last year (the f one before the Grand Final titled) ' The Dynasty v The Fairytale) you will see how unbiased he actually is. And his work on exposing the AFL for the regime it is is first class.

Now lets look at Collingwood:

Glenn McFarlane : Seems to be a ripping fella , a good journo but dedicates half the HS Podcast talking about Collingwood. Its embarrassing.
Jake Niall : Probably one the more credible and honorable journos going around. Measured and informed.
Michael Gleeson: Insipid, Insecure and worse than Caro. Their combined attempt at assassinations of Tom Lynch in 2020 was unprofessional to the extreme.
Tom Browne: FFS

Happy to go toe to toe with you on any of these. But what you should do is not be so sensitive.

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