MRP / Trib. Pickett elbow on Soligo

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Serial offender, just a dirty grub, same type of action with the same intention every time. Needs to forget about Uncle Byron

AFL has made it clear with King and now Pickett, hit the head even lightly and you'll do time. The correct ruling to stamp this unnecessary stuff out.

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Then Maynard and Cripps were lucky or did the Tribunal miss something?

Maynard was the biggest farce in a long time. They changed the rules because of it.

Cripps got off on a technicality that had nothing to do with the incident.

I would argue they have already missed with Pickett twice. He just doesn’t learn.
It’s the Maynard rule coming into effect here. What’s astonishing is that it took the Maynard incident to ‘realise’ this could be dangerous. It’s a bad look. We are also seeing him only getting one week because Soligo wasn’t hurt. If Soligo went down with concussion he’s getting 4. So what’s the difference? Clearly the outcome. Is that right? No. So he needs 4 if the AFL are serious. It was also avoidable.

4 weeks was warranted.
Melbourne appealing, no doubt to get it reduced down from medium to low impact and turn 1 week into a fine.

IMO the AFL needs to bring back loading for repeat offenders. This is Pickett's 3rd incident involving a head high bump in the past 13 months, surely that should carry some weight when assessing any form of punishment.
Very disappointing that Melbourne of all clubs would be appealing this.

No hope of getting off on recent rulings.

The guy is a dirty sniper, only millimetres from knocking someone into next week. He's already had a lot of prior leniency in sentences. Time for the Dees to stamp out his behaviour not effing support it by going to the Tribunal

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