Plibersek for Prime Minister now!

Plibersek for PM now

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Feb 22, 2019
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Now that we have the 300-500 million dollar proof that Albanese does not understand the people of the country he was elected to govern is it time for his heir apparent to ask the back room number crunchers & Labors union masters if she can have the top job?

Tanya is ideal Labor leadership material, a political hack who has never had a real job in her life.

She is used to taking orders from the people who run Labor & has none of those pesky independent thoughts that people with real life experience possess.
Even the ABC didn't want her, if the biased ABC thinks you are too left wing for them you are perfect material to help delay the Greens creeping electoral success that is eating away at Labors left flank, at least temporarily.

And it would be poetic justice if our second woman PM got rid of 32% Albo, Three House Albo was instrumental in helping out his mate Rudd The Dud in removing our first woman PM, the beloved Julia Gillard.
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A PM has never resigned after a referendum loss, most of them went on to win re-election.

Newspoll still had Labor up 8 points on 2PP and Albo 20 points above Dutton the day before the referendum. It’s like sacking your coach because you’re third on the ladder.

Now while I would expect to see a slight drop in ALP support in the next poll that should come back to them some months later as the memory of referendum fades and we get back into the usual political arguments of taxes, healthcare and that stuff