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Sep 29, 2006
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I am a deeply trivial person, useless pieces of information please me enormously and the more pointless the better as far as I'm concerned. This is the place to share both the pointless and trivial.
Two of my recent favourites;
Ian Redpath has a higher Test average than Mark Waugh.
Bruce Berry, immortalised in Neil Young's Tonight's the Night was the brother of Jan Berry of Jan and Dan surf music fame.

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Jan 25, 2011
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Ian Redpath has a higher Test average than Mark Waugh.
On a similar theme: Brad Hodge has a higher test average than Ricky Ponting.
The 56 degrees south of the equator parallel has not a single piece of land lying on it. There's a piece of information which will help you precisely, well, never.
That could totally help someone. Say you're flying along the parallel tracking 270T or 090T and suddenly you see land directly ahead. You know you've either found previously undiscovered land or more probably your IRS/GNSS has gross errors in it and you may be in a bit of strife. Very useful.
Plumb in front? Bullshit.

Raging at only being able to like this post once.

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