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Mar 21, 2017
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So today I had a number heat-pressed onto a jumper and it got me thinking:

Did any team ever use the retail-style heat pressed numbers that supporters have on their jumpers for player issue/match worn jumpers, or did the clubs go straight from sewn-on to sublimated numbers?
During the Indigenous Round in 2017 the players who wore the #67 for each club had heat pressed numbers. Some even had retail jumpers as well, I'm pretty sure Josh Hill wore a retail with 67 heat pressed on (which is all he deserved, really)

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Jul 17, 2006
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Anybody have a reasonably high-res image of the full body Richmond Tiger? Mero probably the most likely, but if anybody else has it hit me up.

EDIT: Also after the Essendon EFC heritage monogram that they've used recently if anybody can help.
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Feb 9, 2012
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Hey guys, not sure if this should go in here or not??

So Kayo have got a classics section, and I was watching a 1995 game between west coast and Carlton at subi. Now I remember someone mentioning this years ago, but I saw it first hand in this game. Guy McKenna was wearing a sublimated guernsey?? No one else was, all the others were old wooden ones. It was very odd? Must’ve been a prototype? We started wearing sublimated guernseys for the 1996 regular season, and this one had a different number font from the 96s, and also had the navy spaces between the eagle head compared to the filled in eagle head of the 96 and beyond jumpers.

Also in that game, I noticed Craig Bradley was wearing a different jumper to all his team mates. I remember his jumpers always seemed to have larger arm holes and neck hole compared to others, like he’d cut them down on purpose. But it seems like he’s wearing an older 80s style guernsey, with the newer patches sewn on? His Carlton monogram was the older fat style, whereas everyone else’s was the skinnier type.

Just found it interesting and wondered if anyone knew anything about either.
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