[Rage Against The Machine] - Tour Thread


Oct 6, 2003
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Tom Morello's guitar solos were awesome and the band had great stage presensce.

However, Festival Hall is the worst venue ever. The sound was sh*t and Zack's vocals just sounded like mumbling. It was sooooo hot.

Pretty disappointed they only played for about an hour and a quarter. But at the same time, it was sooooo hot and I couldn't wait to breathe clean air.


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Oct 18, 2004
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So swap Know Your Enemy for Vietnow and add renegades of funk? I would almost rather the Big Day Out show then
The differences off the top of my head:

IN: Vietnow, Renegades, War Within A Breath
OUT: Tire Me, Know Your Enemy, Wake Up

I agree that Wake Up at the BDO and the solo in Bullet In The Head at Festival Hall were the two best bits from the shows. Also, I was a big wrap for the encore. It was the same both times, but why tinker with something so perfect? Freedom into the end of Township Rebellion into Killing. They couldn't have ended the show a better way IMO.


Sep 29, 2005
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St Kilda
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wow. just wow. that was the best concert i've ever been to.. jesus it was good.. so intense, so fantastic... disappointed about know your enemy but vietnow and renegades were a fantastic suprise.. i really wanted vietnow and i got it!! haha man that was awesome.. anyone see the clowns on the bar roof during killing in the name?

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