Preview Rnd 13 - Carlton v Bulldogs Sat 15th June 7.25PM @ Etihad - Team Post #426

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Sep 23, 2009
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Fair call. I'll confess that the few posts I saw in this discussion seemed to suggest the club was hiding something, but if that wasn't the intent then no harm no foul.
This ultimately is my point, and it's probably a thread topic all it's own (why I tried to walk away from the discussion a few posts back).

There's a fairly consistent narrative around here that supporters "deserve" more information than the club provides when it comes to injury and absence from the team. And I think posts like the one that I objected to in the first place, whether intended or not, only serve to fuel that sense of entitlement. Especially when the club has already provided updates to the extent that they could.


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May 31, 2012
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What people might be missing is that Walsh on Neale was a 50/50 outcome - Walsh won heaps of his own ball - what Teague figured out waas that with Zorko playing injured- he could use Ed to take out Neil and free up Walsh to do his thing - which he did....Teague actually said that "...Walsh was winning plenty of ball himself when on Neale..." Walsh played more on ball than Wing in game against Brisbane. Effectively - Teague moved Ed omn to Neale and cancelled out the equal best runner and user Brisbane had - whilst losing nothing. AND freeing up Walsh..



May 22, 2019
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We had close to our best team last time we played them.. This time we will have Charlie Curnow.

I am Not sure where they were at last time in terms of best 22.

Hard game to pick the winner because both formlines aren't great..
Levi kicked 3 as a late inclusion for Charlie. Best game I'd seen him play as a forward in a long time.

(although just quietly, I'd rate a couple of his games in the back line recently just as highly)

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Sep 28, 2016
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Ed Curnow’s comments this week

“[Neale] was on fire in the first half and it was a good opportunity. I love going on the best players, I see it as a real challenge.”

Says it all to me!
Was certainly in his element and more involved.

I particularly loved the leadership he brought into the midfield, heck, he even scuffed Cripps to encourage him before a set shot.

Wels Eicke

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Sep 13, 2003
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I have a dreamteam question. Sorry if you have a dedicated thread, couldn't see it, didn't look too hard either.

Do you think either Cottrell or Owies are any chance to get game time this year? Need a really cheap fwd/mid, these are two options I noticed. Know nothing about them obviously, except Cottrell has the better VFL form I believe. They don't have to play this year, but obviously if I can find someone who might, that would be nice.

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