Autopsy Round 11, 2024 : Hawks poach the Lions

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Such an impressive win, matched pretty much every Brisbane push and foot went to the throat. Ball movement, contest work, aerially, ground level, defense, attack. The whole gameplan was on display and looked incredible. Some great games from Sicily, D'Ambrosio, Worpel, Day, Gunston/Chol good as targets as was Dear. MacKenzie continues to grow, Ginnivan a massive game off HF.

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Really good win. More than anything because of the lessons from last week.

We played better footy last week but totally botched it. This week we kept heads not only in the fourth quarter but late in each quarter and were able to absorb the Lions’ best bursts when their pressure went through the roof. The three Gunston goals - red time Q2, red time Q3 and late Q4 - were just huge for the result.

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