Game Day Round 11, 2024 : Hawks v Lions, 1:10pm Marvel

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Gonna be a real interesting game. Have said it every week now and nothing has changed. It’s about doing the simple things right, and trying to ensure our skills by hand and foot are better and don’t hurt us through silly turn overs.

Brissy have big strong mature bodies around the ball, Clugg, Neale, Zork Bailey, Dunkley ect; so it’s really important that we try and mitigate their influence. For us guys like Nash are really important today, we need to be physical around the ball, and maybe even try to break the game open with speed, as we have seen guys like McKenzie, and CMac have had problems when the opposition is so much bigger and stronger, and how easily they can be take away from the contest.

I feel our backline is going pretty well.. and more centre of forward and finding other avenue to goal.

I think we’re in this game, if we come out with a bit of grunt and hopefully the confidence that we can be real competitive against top teams who knows.

The last thing I will be looking for is our mids and who rotates through, can’t afford to watch them all gas out by 3/4 today. I hope to see guys like Moore be given a bit of time through there.

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Happens to be my birthday. United gave me a good start in the opening couple of hours of the day. Now for the Mighty Hawks to make it a double...
Happy geosolar orbit day.

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how it feels to watch a sunday afternoon hawthorn game


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Reckon we can match them in the middle/congestion but we are also starting to look good on the outside. We are putting together a good group of hard nuts, nice kicks and runners. Another great learning experience for Dear with one of the best KP backs in the comp.

Over the last month hoping our young list is continuing to learn and develop in one area that all the good sides have in their DNA ……. we consistently turn up to play each week! That’s all I want to see today.
Play the same style and intensity as the past 3 games, we probably win. They’ve been so hot and cold, no doubt they’ll be hot today so should be a good contest.

I hope Breust plays well and kicks a few.
I was worried this was at Marvel than the MCG at start of the year, but now both clubs play the ground well, its hard to call. We are still in a learning phase, and have some missing pieces (either veterans past their best, or raw juniors not quite ready for the level) that other finals hardened sides don't carry, so we are still going to be inconsistent week to week. Remember our longer goal of being more competitive in more games as a starting point, of again tryig to take it up to good side this week. A win would be fantastic, but more positive signs from our youngsters/the future, and a very competitive effort is a good starting point. Following this team closely though, if we are in it at quarter and half time, we will be in with a real chance.
Happens to be my birthday. United gave me a good start in the opening couple of hours of the day. Now for the Mighty Hawks to make it a double...

Happy Birthday mate!
Hopefully we bring it home today I cannot make the game as it is my Grans 100th birthday day !

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After last weeks heart break, think they are going to come out firing. Seeing the look of disappointment, and to a little bit of degree of anger in their faces, think we are going to come out with a point to prove.

Getting kicked in the guts like last week, where for 90% you were the better team, only to lose due to not landing a knockout punch, should inspire the boys to win the next fight.
On my way in on the train. Not sure if she’s going to the footy but the lady is older than me and chugging back a can of Jim Beam.
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