Game Day Round 11 vs. Fremantle, OS, 8:10pm Friday 24/05

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Well let that one slip after a really brave effort. 2 points I guess. Sullivan great in the last with some good signs from Harrison and Richards again. Bugger

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To think it should have been 24 points if they actually paid attention to Quaynor touching Banfields goal…
It was clearly there.

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How many pairs of shit glasses does Jordan Lewis own?
How we give up goals so easy in succession. Happens all the farking time. Can't hold a lead to save our lives...

That was the strangest thing about tonight

Whenever Freo scored, it was in bunches

3 in the first in a burst
3 in the second in a burst
5 in the last in a burst

Really hurt us our ability to not stop multiple goals in a row
We will win.
Never in doubt
Such an innocent error from Sullivan to hand the ball to Nick.
Wasn’t time wasting. It’s such a ridiculous rule with too harsh a penalty. A free kick in front of goal is too great a punishment for a simple mistake.
If someone has time go through the game and count how many other times this occurs. Better yet check how many more times this happens unpunished the rest of the round
Not open for further replies.

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