TV The Bachelor 2020 - Will Locky Find Love?

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Big Bryza

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 11, 2006
AFL Club
Anyone watching tonight?
Yes, although the show has jumped the shark this season. It's a bigger shitshow than ever.

He may as well take Irena away and be done with it.

Roxi would be one of those chicks to stalk the ex for months after they break up.

Poetic Justice

bear in mind
Jun 21, 2008
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Other Teams
there is no other team.
When that louis vuitton handbag mole bails up big-tits mcgee and says "what are you planning, is something going to go down?" I must admit I pondered what on earth could actually 'happen' that would distract the process...
..aside from moles like Areeba that want to but in on other bitches Locky time, but eh, that's the game.

I feel like these shows have gone over time from reasonably straight forward to introducing a paid actor to spice things up a bit to then making 80% of the cast paid actors. I can't honestly believe that some of these girls are for real that can behave like that while also knowing how the show works.
> Roxi unhappy that other girls are getting time to talk to Locky at the cocktail party when she already has a rose? She doesn't understand how the game works?
> Louis vuitton WA pocket-mole and Areeba honestly after seeing the way reality stars get treated these days with social media bullying and what not would legitimately choose to go on national tv and behave the way they are without being incentivised to do so? I'm not buying it
> Teams? Like, really? Teams/alliances forming towards how one woman secures a dude who is permitted to hook up and bounce between girls for 3 months?

I watch it because my wife does, yes I have the choice to go and not watch it but meh, I don't *hate* it, but gee, it gets a little frustrating!

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