" The Last Dance " on Netflix 5pm AEST

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Jun 12, 2019
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+1 for the Howie podcast with Luc Longley. Its a great listen for bit over an hour, and you get a lot more from Longley than the handful of soundbites the other Bulls from 96-99 are getting in the doco.

Its the eve of the last 2 episodes and I really hope they show us more behind the scenes footage. The game highlights are everywhere. I don't need to watch Jordan strip Malone in the low post then go up the other end to hit "that shot" for the millionth time. I came into this doco hearing that we'd see the raw footage of Jordan being a complete campaigner to his teammates, but after 8 episodes I can barely fault him. I guess anything really nasty Jordan made the producers edit it out. Just wish we saw how savage he was to his teammates at practice, the way he treated Krause, etc.

I feel a bit sorry for Pippen. He had a tough upbringing, wanted to look after his family so agreed to that long-term contract that severely undervalued his talents. He watched lesser teammates around him earn more money, knew he would never get out of Jordans shadow. And when Jordan retires allowing Scottie to be the clutch man in big games, Phil Jackson ran the play for young kid Kukoc. No way if Jordan was on the team would Jackson run the play for someone else. It was Michael, and then if someone else was wide open then plan b pass it off. Scotties in the moment tantrum is understandable IMO. Undervalued, underappreciated, and then the ball taken out of his hands for a younger less experienced player to hit the game winner.

Then after Jordan returns the GM tested the open market to trade Pippen if a good offer came along. It was like 1 hit after the next really. Pippen delaying his surgery during the post-season of 98 meaning he missed a huge part of the last dance season shows he still struggled with feeling valued within that organization. Its understandable too.
It happen!!! Game 5 of 1998 Finals Kukoc has 31 points & Phil draws up championship winning shot for him - look what Jordan does;

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really the only player you can compare with jordan by position is bryant. in terms of personality and what they have done its very hard to separate them but many will still say jordan was a freak and wins hands down.

the ending of episode eight. that was hard to watch

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