The Non-Footy Sports Discussion Thread

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Val Keating

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Dec 27, 2017
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North Melbourne
NBA trade & FA has started and it’s going nuts.

So far
KD ➡ Brooklyn

Kyrie ➡ Brooklyn

DeAndre Jordan ➡ Brooklyn

Kemba ➡ Boston

Rozier ➡ Charlotte

Redick ➡ New Orleans

Ariza ➡ Sacramento


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Jul 24, 2015
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North Melbourne
Knew Jack quite well - my father even more. Ripper bloke. Zig and Zag were superstars of their era and groundbreakers on TV. We used to hire them for children's parties we ran at Festival Hall and they were so professional - usually with Ron Blaskett and Gerry Gee and the Young Talent Time crew. I also hired Jack a few times over the years as a stand up comedian at Smoke Nights (remember them) and he was so good. The sexual assault matter cost Zig and Zag their crowning glory as Kings of Moomba. Very sad way to end their careers. I heard all the stories at the time why Jack pleaded guilty but the facts are he did.
My old man was involved in a case regarding a family dispute once. he was facing criminal charges brought against him by his brother after my uncle's business failed. Different but anyway. Was winning the case and had a change of heart, pled guilty cos he was sick of fighting with his brother (who was estranged from the rest of the family - by this time they were in England and Canada - no one left alive in Fiji) while the rest of the family was on the other side of the world and their mum had just died and the jury refused to accept his guilty plea for a couple of days. At the end of the case (no sentence btw) his barrister made plenty of references to everyone involved dining out for years on the time a jury refused to accept a guilty plea.

People do plead guilty for family reasons, especially as they get older, closer to death and more aware of what actually matters in this life.

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