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Oct 5, 2007
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Western Bulldogs
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Not sure a manager thats won 6 major trophies in the last three years should have to prove he's worth a contract extension with a two month trial.
Fair enough, i dont see the rush either as hes not going anywhere.

Things can go pear shaped pretty quickly though.


Oct 3, 2001
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North Melbourne
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Man City ****
Fair enough, i dont see the rush either as hes not going anywhere.

Things can go pear shaped pretty quickly though.
He's out of contract in seven months, we've been in talks since last season.

It's hardly been a rush.

If things go pear shaped he's only been extended by a year with another year club option. It would have to go ridiculously pear shaped for him not to be in charge next season when he'd need to be contracted.
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Apr 2, 2000
Perth, Australia
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West Coast
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Liverpool, Chicago Bulls.
Mbappe, Sancho, Camavinga, Haaland and Felix in that order but the recent crop of young talent to emerge has been absolutely insane. TAA, Davies, Kulusevski, Fati and a bunch load of others.
I'd still marginally lean towards Mbappe but boy it's close. Haaland is an absolute freak and is doing it in a far tougher league than Mbappe is.

The one I really want though is Szoboszlai. He's gonna be so good, I'm hoping we're keen but I haven't heard anything. We are due a revamp in midfield too as Gini probably walks at the end of the this season and Hendo, Thiago, Ox, Fabinho are all 27 plus. To bring him in and sit him next to Curtis Jones for 10 years would be a dream. We have an excellent relationship with RB Salzburg as well given our previous dealing with Naby Keita and Minamino.

I'd have it Mbappe (just) Haaland, Sancho, Szoboszlai, Camavinga...
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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 21, 2007
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Manchester United
Happy Ali Dia day.
There are a few stories like this, there is an entire documentary on YouTube about Alessandro Zarrelli. Look it up.

Another one is when PSG was first formed, the first ever foreign player in their history is a fake footballer.

“On 29 August 1970, Lukić played in his first and only game with Paris Saint-Germain, coming on as a substitute in a 3–2 league win against Quevilly. "His mission was to neutralise our opponent’s key player, Horlaville, whom we feared the most. And Lukić… he clung to him like an octopus to a rock! But Horlaville would quickly dribble past him once, then again, then make a pass, while my unfortunate Lukić would inevitably end up on his behind!" wrote former PSG president Guy Crescent in his 1992 autobiography.[4]

Lukić's only game for PSG was his only game in professional football. Since PSG won the Division 2 in 1970–71, he has the title in his career honours, despite not playing an entire match the whole season.”
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Jul 25, 2019
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Leeds United

Villa top of the Pops :)

Still reckon calling these incidents a hate crime is a bit OTT (esp with regards to Orientation)

I think reckon mocking club's and players and fans in who have died in tragic circumstances (IE Hillsborough/Munich etc) is still a bloody blight on the game and it's supporters that still goes largely unnoticed by the authorities

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