Movie The Riddick trilogy.

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Aug 21, 2016
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Pitch Black. 2000.

A spaceship carrying the usual mixture of oddball sci-fi thriller characters crash lands on a planet. Fortunately the planet's air is breathable and there's plenty of booze that survived the crash. Unfortunately, they find out there's about to be a month long eclipse where deadly monsters will chase and eat them. But luckily Vin Diesel's character, Richard Riddick, has enhanced eyes that allow him to see in the dark so he can save the day. It was shot in Queensland so there's a few Aussies in the squad. Claudia Black, Radha Mitchell have never looked finer. The plot is fairly simple but hangs together ok. Riddick is a good character, perfectly played by Diesel. The set design and photography is dramatic. Not up there with great sci-fi but enjoyable enough.


The Chronicles of Riddick. 2004.

It's on a much grander scale than Pitch Black. Bounty hunters pursue Riddick on across different planets. We find out more about Riddick's back story. There's an evil galactic army of Necromongers who pressgang everyone into joining them. The young girl who idolised Riddick in PB is now a kick ass hot chick in a high security prison. Judi Dench plays a ghostly version of M. Karl Urban and Thandie Newton (in a tight snake skin dress) plot to rule the Necromongers. The spaceships, architecture, landscapes, costumes and score are all epic. There's death by teacup! There are some moments that get very silly but overall it's a lot fun.


Riddick. 2013.

We are back to a single planet with monsters format. The plot involves two rival groups of dumb ass bounty hunters squabbling about who will catch Riddick while he outwits them. It's a real step backwards in terms of scale but also quality. The dialog is cliched, there's a lot of overacting, there's a big lack of continuity between this and Chronicles. The Necromongers are barely given any minutes of airtime and Riddick no longer has the mystical special powers. It's watchable but disappointing.

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Mar 7, 2009
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A bit tough on the last one. Yes, it was a bit formulaic to Pitch Black, but I still liked it. Still had some gold Riddick moments. That Dingo Dongo was cool too.

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