The state of play, professional vs amateur. Players vs umps.


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Jun 30, 2018
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Skills on show from the players on round one is pretty good to great.
the umpiring has been pretty poor to average.

Not just blaming the umps, it’s the rule committee that’s to blame more than anything because they set up the umps to fail.

how do we fix it.....

the line between what is a free and what isn’t is very many soft frees it’s really frustrating.
the dreaded 50 mtr penalty....what a farce, pay the damn thing when a player interrupts play not when he crosses an imaginary line that could be anything from 10 mtrs to 4 mtrs. Get rid of the soft 50 penalties because it cheapens our game.
everyone l know hates 50 mtr penalties and it’s the most frustrating part to fans, isn’t it all about the fans?

stop reversing frees, another cheap shot and DOES NOT reward play, fine the players heavily, send them off for a quarter or suspend them based on the off the ball incident.

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