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Red mist

Reynholm Industries
Jun 30, 2014
The Winchester
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Tottenham Hotspur, East Side Hawks
This is compelling. How a bunch of LA celebs? Unwash their undeniable craving for attention and realise they were sales people for a spinner with a messianic complex.
Insert Wildflower by The Cult here.
The way in should be more detributal on these guys but geez are they flapping like landed fish on their way out.
I don’t have much time for LA types and how they go about their business, but I have a lot of time for the many, many normal types without the ability to get it out there that got this closed down.
it’s a bit self aggrandisement but at the end of the day the self help guru guy was a tripper with a Jesus complex.
people are f’ed up. Yes.


Mar 14, 2002
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There is a more concise series “Seduced” out on Stan that fast forwards through a lot of background

What is fascinating about this series is that the protagonists of the Vow are shown in a different light.

Kreepy Keith was sentenced last Wednesday

Amazing how in this day and age with all the resources at their fingertips that other generations did not have m, and people still get drawn into Cults

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