Unsolved The Zodiac Killer

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Mar 21, 2016
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It has always been assumed that PARADICE is spelt wrong but not only was it spelt that way in English around the 15th century it is also spelt that way in some other languages. If you assume it is spelt correctly it could narrow the possible suspects, but then it could also expand it in a multicultural country.

The most basic definition of it that i can find is - "a place of pleasure" - from the Greek language, the word itself is believed to have come the Persian language. Whilst Greece did manage to win the Greco-Persian wars in the end many Greek city states where at some point or another conquered, held and influenced by Persia. This went on for about 100 years.

We see similar occurrences in the English language still today amongst different English speaking countries, and foreign languages often translate with different spellings.

So the question is is it really spelt wrong or just spelt that way by someone of another nationality/language?
Possibly - that may well be an angle that might solve the rest

But I cant help feel that the depth of crypto suggests a fluent speaker of English ie born to it


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 20, 2009
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I tend to like the 'military' theory; that he was involved in the armed forces or joined them shortly after he began his killing spree. The violence and 'hunting of man' terminology suggests he could be one of those personality types who joins the military "To Kill".

Plus, as others have said, the cyphers could be from some sort of military training in intelligence or coding.

It might also explain why the killings suddenly stopped. This was the height of the Vietnam War; maybe he got shipped off to 'Nam and was killed in action? Nobody makes any connection because he's just one of many random people who died in the war.

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