Universal Love TRTT Part 8: Random thoughts also sack Hinkley

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Jul 6, 2011
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No, that’s what you inferred from my post. What I actually said was it’s only in the US that the caduceus is even associated with medicine - I never said it was used everywhere in the US. Ask yourself why, when the entire medical profession knew it was wrong back when it was first used and was unhappy with it, did it still spread into common usage? Why didn’t it just die off and get replaced by the proper symbol? Even the US Army has changed the symbol since then.
You said that it is universally used for medicine in the US. By definition you are saying that it is used everywhere.

And I was trying to give you an out and let you gracefully back out of Hermes being the Greek psychopomp, but here’s another question - why the fu** would a profession that has the oath that starts with “Do no harm” want to be associated with a god that guides people to the underworld/death? Medicine is about saving lives, not helping them die.
Hermes is not just associated with commerce. As you said he is a psychopomp. He guides. The sick patient needs to be guided back to health. This no more a stretch than Medicine-Staff of Hermes-Commerce-Money.

Have you read or heard the Hippocratic Oath? It doesn't explicitly contain let alone start with "Do no harm". Medical professionals in majority have no association, however tenuous, with Hermes. The majority of professional organisation do not use the symbol.
So we’ve got a symbol of commerce and assisted death being used wilfully by a profession in the US that medical practitioners knew was wrong from the moment it was first used. It could have been changed, but it hasn’t been.

If you have the ability to fix a mistake but don’t, that’s deliberate.

If you use something you know is wrong, that’s deliberate.

There’s nothing subtle about it. They are telling you “Unless you have money, we won’t save you.” and “This is a place you come to die.”
Master of satire.

The more important question is - did you do all this research to try and prove me wrong, or are you in some way associated with the United States medical system?
You don't have a monopoly on knowledge. I grew up having mythology read to me by dad before I went to bed. My entire immediate family works in medicine or health care. I'm not sure I would call routine google searching research. How did you come across those exact percentages for use of the different symbols for medical organisations and healthcare?

This opinion that if I argue a contrary view to you I must have some overwhelming desire to prove you wrong is sad. As a Stoic surely you can be wrong and yet happy.


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Sep 9, 2007
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This opinion that if I argue a contrary view to you I must have some overwhelming desire to prove you wrong is sad. As a Stoic surely you can be wrong and yet happy.
I had this whole post written out, and I was going to hit send...but then I did some more research. And you're right, there's nothing wrong with them using the caduceus as a symbol, it's just not for the reasons you stated. From one of the books in the Hermetica:

"In Asclepius, we learn that the Hermetic Asclepius is actually a descendant of the deified Asclepius-Imhotep. As Hermes explains the nature of the gods, he says:
Your grandfather, O Asclepius, was the founder of medicine, to whom a temple has been consecrated on the mountain of Libya, near the Shore of Crocodiles, in which lies his terrestrial part, that is, his body. […] For now through his divine spirit he still furnishes the sick with every kind of aid which previously he used through the art of medicine."
Therefore, it is entirely possible that the Caduceus of Hermes and the Rod of Asclepius are one and the same, since Hermes Trismegistus was most likely the student of the deified Asclepius-Imhotep.

Do I think the medical profession in the US are deeply entrenched into Hermeticism and Egyptian mythology so they would know this? Well, Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism are direct descendents of Hermetic teachings, so it's entirely possible. You might find that those that use the Caduceus as a symbol are stipulating that they are Freemason/Rosicrucian controlled medical institutions, since they are heavily into their symbology.

So I was wrong. As always, a good opportunity to learn :)

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Nov 7, 2009
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