Vale John Elliott

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 12, 2008
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Vale John Elliot

Tweeted this before.

My favourite memory of him is when he told me off as a 10yr old for when I asked him to sign my flag.

He asked me "where?"
I answered "anywhere"
He then replied "No son!!! Not anywhere. Never on the Navy Blue. Be proud of the Navy Blue. Only let them sign on the white".

He then proceeded to sign over the whole CFC emblem and signed over about 10 other players names, with his signature being 5 times bigger than the rest.

Never loved been told off so much.

Would love to try to find that flag. Would be somewhere at my parents place.

May he Rest in Peace

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Premiership Player
May 2, 2014
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I'll be honest, I'm too young to know any impacts he made on Carlton, but from reading here, the good outweighs the bad and by a fair margin. Enjoy listening to Tom on 3AW afternoons and hope he and his family are as well as they can be in these horrible times.

RIP John Elliot.

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Loyal Lion

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Mar 25, 2005
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Brisbane Lions
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Back in the day, around about 2010 I was sitting in the Medallion Club section, at the Docklands Stadium as I think it was called then.

As you do in the 1st quarter, you have a bit to say to get the opposition fans around you going.

The Lions had a handy lead at Qtr time.

This day I stupidly decided to pot Eddie Betts, "Hey Eddie, stop trying to kick those ridiculous goals! Try getting a touch of the footy".

Straight away this gravelly voice behind me, says, "Don't worry about Eddie. He'd be your best player". "He'll fix you blokes up today".

The voice sounded familiar & I looked around & it was none other than John Elliott. He was there with his wife Amanda.

And guess what happens? Carlton & Eddie Betts decided to put on a bit of a football clinic.....

Every touch, every goal Eddie got, big Jack would bellow, "There's goal number 2 & that's 10 touches"....."There's number 3".....I looked up at the smiling Jack and Amanda had a look of exasperation on her face. She chided her husband for even reacting to me in a "don't feed the trolls" type of way.

Anyways by the time Eddie kicked his 5th goal, as I got up to leave, I shook John's hand & said, "Gee that Eddie goes alright" & he replied, "Be careful who you target next time mate". We both had a smile & a laugh & John continued to fill in his footy record with the goalkickers & he was one happy man!

RIP Big Jack. You were a great Blue's man!


Club Legend
Jul 27, 2014
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New Orleans Saints
A great pres for you guys and a shock when someone with such a high profile passes.

A funny memory I have is when he was kicked out of an MCG lunch (or something similar) for smoking during 1994 finals and he was then on the footy show that week and said well that's why we're playing at Waverley this week, we can smoke there!

Certainly a character and not many around these days.

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Everyone Looks Better In Blue
May 31, 2012
AFL Club
Genuine gun in business when he was fresh back from his Harvard MBA and Australia was pre float the dollar, what he did building from a jam factory when it was a jam factory called IXL was build an empire fast was remarkable -but like many before him , he fell to hubris and over reached in may areas and it all caught up to him in the end - in much of his thinking he was way way ahead of the football powers that were at that time - I guess he paid attention to what VFL had to become to survive and prosper from looking at US sport and Europe..

A different approach for some things he wanted to achieve may have yielded better results, his ideas were not wrong - just early -but no one can really escape their own personality - it is as much cause for success as it is for any failure.

Vale Jack - another great character is gone.


Team Captain
Sep 17, 2008
AFL Club
Without trying to sound disrespectful, this looks like a massive omen!
On the day Voss is appointed coach, Big Jack passes away.
Almost symbolizes the death of the 'old Carlton' and the beginning of the new.

RIP John Elliot
Whilst he was a polarising President, there was no doubt his heart was True Blue.
He eventually stuffed up everything he touched and he stuffed up my football club!
Is his son is lurking in the shadows of a EGM?


Not Sam McClure
Oct 1, 2010
Not the media
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He eventually stuffed up everything he touched and he stuffed up my football club!
Is his son is lurking in the shadows of a EGM?
If you honestly believe the Carlton faithful would vote him in then I have a bridge to sell you.

However, there should always be room at the club for anyone to provide a positive contribution.


Senior List
Sep 25, 2017
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Max Gillies I think.
Vale John Elliott.
google saying Steve Vizard commissioned Rubbery figures to produce segments for Fast Forward, saying Paul Jennings did most of the Voices. Could have been Max , but it doesn’t say . I always thought Vizard was the voice , so there you go.👍🤷‍♂️


All Australian
Aug 2, 2009
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You will be missed Big Jack, its time for old wounds to heal and your spirit guide our beloved carlton to its rightful position atop the AFL ladder...

You are Carlton

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