Warwick Capper on Open Mike

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Sep 4, 2003
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Just watched the replay. I thought it was great, sure he is a little cringe worthy, but I did laugh through most of it. Good on him for doing it his way.


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Mar 13, 2015
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People who dislike this are so boring and others calling it dumb?? Rediculous. Especially those on the first page. How can you dislike that?? It's too funny. The guy could actually be a half decent comedian. He could have been a half decent co-host on "Get This".

I get the feeling that capper is way smarter then people might think. Heck, his character could even be an act or creation. Hilarious interview and one of the best and wittiest Open Mike interviews of all of them..

It's great to see a player with actual wit and personality and as he says, one of the few who was a marketing success because of all those things.

As he says often during the interview, he took some classic marks and was a great kick for goal, achieved a lot for the Sydney football club..great football story.

He is precisely what is missing in today's game. The characters.
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