Toast Welcome to Freo, James Aish!

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Aug 23, 2009
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I think Aish will be a good pick up for Freo if you're after a small defender. He had some of the cleanest hands at Collingwood below his knees, up there with Pendlebury, seriously very rarely fumbles. That's an underrated skill in defence. He used to cop a bit for being soft but he isn't, always goes when it's his turn.

His kicking is overrated and seems to be in this thread. It's safe rather than incisive and he can turn it over a bit under pressure. Although that irons out a little when he gets consistency and confidence I think.

He defends pretty well too but isn't express pace so some opponents are limited. Very very good overhead for his size. One down side is he does miss a bit with injuries but so does everyone at Collingwood it seems.

Anyway I liked him at the Pies, sad to see him go but think it had to happen, I wish him well at Freo.
Hey quicky, just a side note, where'd you get/find that saying from?


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Oct 11, 2004
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I have (Crows) friends in Adelaide who know Aish and think he is a better footballer than he has been recognised as so far, and they also talk about him as a really good character and leader. Seems like a really solid addition and I especially like his comments re Longmuir.

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