Game Day West Coast Eagles vs Essendon Round 15 @ The Gabba Tuesday 6.10 pm AWST 1st of September 2020.

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Apr 23, 2020
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West Coast
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Richmond and Collingwood.

West Coast Eagles have been on a eight win streak only for the Tigers to break us last week with Simmo getting outcoached. Essendon also was dominated by the Tigers but kicked very straight to stay in the game but fell short. We could face them in the finals again only to smash them by ten goals like last time.

Essendon't form hasn't been good losing their past four matches with one draw against the Gold Coast suns by big and small margins until they mounted a 52 point comeback against the out of form bottoming out Hawthorn with Joe Daniher showing why he's worth two first round picks. We've on the other hand won our past eight matches before getting outplayed by the Tigers in conditions that suited them. Losing against the Bombers will show that we cannot beat even mediocre sides in the hub with our wins coming from the worst team in 50 years Adelaide Crows and a heavily injury depleted Sydney Swans who we don't usually match up well against. McGovern and Barrass got exposed when having to be accountable, expect Essendon to target them.

In Fijian culture, pulling a man's hair equals death.
How do we beat the Bombers.

Their midfield isn't the most mongrel midfield out there without Stringer in the middle and we should get Redden and Nelson back to help us with mongrel. Nic Nat looked cooked against the Tigers but Essendon don't have the best ruck outfit with Phillips being ther number one ruck so we should still get a center bounce advantage. Essendon looked good when they pretend to be Richmond but they over handball it at times and during their slump, they try to copy our game plan but it goes to show that you do not buy imitations.

JK most likely won't play against the Bombers so Williams has to play at FF to compensate for the structural loss and become our main target with Darling, Ryan and Allen to support him. Without Yeo, Redden and Nelson last game, we've looked exposed in the midfield against the Tigers and the Tiger's mids all have to only focus on Shuey and Kelly but having Redden and Nelson back will give us more options in the midfield. With Metricon and the Gabba being more smaller than Optus or the MCG, Jetta has to come in with his kicking ability because we lack penetrating kickers and Hurn's lost penetration and Barrass, Rotham and Sheppard don't attack with ball in hand instead they go sideways, backwards or down the line. Their defense is pretty good with Hurley most likely going on Darling and Hooker most likely going on Williams. With such a tall forward line, we have to be clean with our hands because Essendon have good rebounders in Saad and McKenna and will kill us on the rebound. Hutch will probably tag Saad but doesn't have the leg speed to go with him so he'll probably tag Shiel so reducing their influence is key for us.

Too many times in the Richmond game, we see our defenders go for the same ball and spoil each other which led to Richmond goals so this time, they have to spoil it to the boundary where Nic Nat can work his magic otherwise the Bombers will crumb it and score at will. They should only mark it if they're certain they're going to grab it. Joe Daniher looked dangerous in his first game back so Barrass will have to go on him and shut him down, no more of the zoning off bulls*it. Gov better play on a man otherwise we'll get exposed.

Key matchups.

Will be changing this section once the final teams are announced.

Barrass vs Daniher: This is an interesting one. Barrass needs to make amends for his shocker against Richmond. Daniher's in great form in his first game back so if Barrass can keep him out of the game then we'll have a better chance of winning since he usually does well against us.

This will be a regular occurance if Barrass plays like he did against the Tigers.
Nic Nat vs Phillips: Nic Nat looked cooked against the Tigers but he should dominate Phillips and give our mids first use especially with Redden and Nelson (if he plays midfield that is).

Darling vs Hurley: Jack Darling normally gets the second defender with JK in the team, now his going to get the best defender unless either Williams or Allen get off the chain. So important that Williams and Allen do well to make Essendon guess and a massive bonus if Darling can beat Hurley.

Hutch (assuming he plays) vs Shiel: He did tag Saad in the elimination final but got found out for pace so he should go to Shiel to negate his influence. Hutch should be in the team if he's TAGGING.

Sheppard vs Tipungwuti: When ever Tipungwuti kicks a goal, Essendon win most of the time so if he shuts him down, we'll have a better chance of winning. Sheppard is in AA form ATM so he should have the edge on Tipungwuti.

Last 5 matches in 2020.

West Coast Eagles.

W vs strong Geelong 73-64.
W vs average Blues 72-50.
W vs give me top 3 pick Hawthorn 81-49.
W vs up and down GWS 61-49. (Just beaten the filth lol).
L vs strong Richmond 87-61.


L vs up and down Giants 55-59.
D vs downskiing Suns without Rowell 73-73.
L vs top four Saints lol 68-33.
L vs in form Tigers 61-73.
W vs give me top 3 pick Hawthorn 71-87.

Last five matches vs Essendon.

EF 2019: Won 116-61. Nic Nat back and dominating that game. Unfortunately crashed out against Geelong the following week but at least Kelly got to play against his future club.
R14 2019: Won 106-71. Again inaccurate but we still dominated them.
R14 2018: Lost 52-80. We were woefully inaccurate that game and the Bombers out played us in the first quarter. A least we won the flag that year.
R9 2017: Lost 125-64. Got whooped in that game after whooping them last season with Daniher kicking 5.
R15 2016: Won 130-52. McGinnity looked like a god in that game.


TBA 4.20 pm the day before the game. Will be updating this part once the team sheets come out.

Predicted changes: JK goes out with concussion with Allen coming back. Williams holds his spot for now. Redden to come in for either Hutch or XON and Nelson should come for Cripps who's going back to WA to see the birth of his child. Jetta just misses out again considering we need his kicking ability and the strong performance of Cole against the Tigers.

Nice to see Jetta back in the side, we need his kicking ability since Shep and Barrass don't attack with ball in hand and Hurn's taking more safe options rather than his good old penetrating attacks, I can't wait to see Jetta take kick ins again. Nelson returns so hopefully he plays midfield in Yeo's place. Great to see Allen back and Williams staying in. They need to occupy the best defender so Darling can be free.

Weather Forecasts.

Partly cloudy. Slight (20%) chance of a shower in the morning and afternoon. Light winds becoming east to southeasterly 15 to 25 km/h during the afternoon then becoming light during the evening. Shouldn't affect us considering the team is hydrophobic but the night game may have dew.

When can I watch it on TV or hear it on the radio?

Free to air:
Seven mate 6.00 pm AWST.
Subcription TV: Fox Footy.
Streaming/IPTV: Kayo.
Mobile: AFL Live Pass.
Radio: Well I won't be updating this part anytime soon since the BigFooty guys commentary are much better than what you hear on the radio.

West Coast Eagles BigFooty Commentary: HoneyBadger35 will send us a link above this post. Mute the TV and hear our legendary commentary.

Venue Tickets.

Call Ticketmaster on 136 100 for tickets to watch the game at The Gabba to support the legendary mighty Eagles for any Gold Coast or Brisbane based WCE fans. We need you support to boost morale. Lets overrun the crowds with Blue and Golds to demoralize the Bombers.

Address is in: Vulture Street, Woolloongabba, QLD 4105.


West Coast Eagles by 19.

We weren't fully convincing in our wins against the last four teams we played but our class and polish should prevail against the Bombers weather permitting. Daniher will kick four but that won't be enough and we should get the four points. If we do lose to the Bomber then it'll be by around four goals if they play fast footy against us.
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Aug 13, 2014
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West Coast
We've got our backs to the wall here. Injury, hub and short turn-around are stacked against us. The likely sides dug in during their condensed fixtures and did what they needed to.

If we fail tonight I think you can put us into the also ran column for 2020.


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Oct 2, 2019
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West Coast
We've got our backs to the wall here. Injury, hub and short turn-around are stacked against us. The likely sides dug in during their condensed fixtures and did what they needed to.

If we fail tonight I think you can put us into the also ran column for 2020.
It's true we need to run the table. So do Richmond and Geelong.

We are getting overly worked up. The fixture is tricky, but we should be favoured in each of the matches.


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 5, 2015
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West Coast
Calmer about this one than I was about Richmond, GWS and Cats.

No worries. We got this. No further injuries please.

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I pity the fool
Nov 15, 2013
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West Coast
Other Teams
We've got this.

Mids to dominate on the back of Nic having a day out.

Jetta to kick 3 as high half forward.

Darling to get his weekly 2 goals from holding free kicks + one from the goal square off a 50 metre penalty.

West Coast by 26 points.
Jetta couldnt have been given a bigger rocket so I hope he kicks at least 3
Could meet any of Essondon , Dogs or Saints in finals so if we cant beat these we arent worthy .


Official Halftime Oranges Man
Aug 6, 2017
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West Coast
Let's hope Simmo's plan is not ad-hoc and patched together like tonight's team.
With the curious additions, there's something going on - will it work?
Also hope Jetta's return amounts to something-so often returnees and newbies get trumpeted in with much fanfare and expectations and not much happens?
I can't remember Jetta kicking a bag of goals in the past, but be great if he pings one or two and has a good night in general, he would be arguably rusty, but we need another live-wire around the 50 arc.
Go you Mighty Big Birds!! (image of "pudding-guts Gov" in the air)


Premiership Player
Oct 2, 2019
AFL Club
West Coast
Jetta couldnt have been given a bigger rocket so I hope he kicks at least 3
Could meet any of Essondon , Dogs or Saints in finals so if we cant beat these we arent worthy .
Early in the hub we had guys who just couldn’t be bothered to run.

Jettas video on his workout with Nic wouldn’t have done him any favours.

I said early on that Jetta looked like he hadn't applied himself in the COVID break as he should have. The jumper was tight and Bunched up and he had some extra weight in his mid section. That was even before Ross Lyon came out and said we were unfit.

Dare I say that dropping Jetta was just as much about sending a message to the playing group about standards and application as much as it was about form and system.

Especially true when you consider that Jetta is singled out for his leadership with the young indigenous boys.

Without wanting to be too harsh, I think jetts fell a little short of what was required of him.

Great to see him back and hope to see a few snags and some bullet kicks to darling and Oscar.

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