What are your opinions on the team symbols, 'nicknames' or mascots?

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 23, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
For want of a better word. Like the bird, mammal, vehicle (aka Bombers) they're named for. And as an aside how they might reflect the team's identity etc. Thought this might be a fun discussion. I'll go through each team.

Adelaide Crows: named because of the nickname 'Croweaters' for South Australians, but crows aren't exactly the most inspiring of birds.

Brisbane Lions: taken from the Fitzroy Lions, the lion is generally seen as a majestic if savage beast. I think the way they monster teams at the Gabba is fitting. Probably a better name than the (koala) bears.

Carlton Blues: tradition be damned, tbh (no bias against the club) the worst nickname of any club. It's just a colour - and navy blue is a pretty meh colour imo, like it can't decide if it wants to be blue or black.

Collingwood Magpies: like the crows magpies aren't the most inspiring birds, but the Australian magpie is quintessentially Australian. Also harkens to the Port Adelaide Magpie. In recent years they tend to swoop down in bursts so it's fitting.

Essendon Bombers: actually one of the cooler mascots/names, I guess like the New York Jets etc. Of course names for Essendon airport. Some of the plane graphics are pretty cool. Tend to just bomb it into the goal square so that's fitting.

Fremantle Dockers: a nod to Fremantle's port history. As someone who loves Freo the place I don't mind it, but maybe the anchor is anchoring them down. I wish they'd kept the tricolour guernsey though.

Geelong Cats: the small cats. They're okay, at least there's a story behind it.

Greater Western Sydney Giants: The New York Giants, the North Melbourne Giants, its been used a few times, but I dunno, it's okay i guess. Their theme song is cheesy but somehow so satisfying. I guess compared to GC they are the bigger of the expansion clubs in success.

Gold Coast Suns: it's sunny on the Gold Coast, we get it. Reminds me of the Phoenix Suns in the NBA. An okay nickname.

Hawthorn Hawks: the former Mayblooms were called the Hawks because of someone's daughter. The alliteration seens obvious now, but raptors are the most majestic of birds, and the Hawks have been the most successful since the 60s by some margin.

Melbourne Demons: Demons are a pretty good name, also shared by the Perth Demons, but I noticed the MFC hasn't played up the demon mascot/identity much for awhile. Maybe that creepy demon face was too scary for the kids?

North Melbourne Kangaroos: I like it because it's the only native Aussie animal mascot. There should be more.

Port Adelaide Power: eh, it's kind of different...the only team to be named after electricity, but a tad generic sounding.

Richmond Tigers: Well tigers are one of my favourite animals. Also majestic but also fearsome and beautiful and elusive. Their fans are as fierce as the name suggests.

St Kilda Saints: like Hawthorn another obvious one. Their club song adds to that obviousness. I don't mind it, but it doesn't stand out. I guess saints suffer a lot, like the club. And like the suburb, they're often out at sea.

Sydney Swans: The swan is usually associated more with grace than ferocity...have the Swans been graceful? I'd say currently they kind of are. Mid 00s Paul Roos Swans were more like seagulls.

West Coast Eagles: i think we're named after the wedgetail Eagle. I mean, I'm biased but it's hard to beat an eagle, and we have flown high: only minus is there are already the Hawks which are a similar bird. I can't think of a better alternative though.

Western Bulldogs: like the Canterbury Bulldogs in Sydney, another working class inner western suburb, the bulldog is tenacious, scrappy but is also a literal underdog. There's something endearing about the bulldog, and the fact they have a real life mascot is too cute.

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The nicknames of the nicknames are elite and more beloved imo as they're a product of the people. Baggers. Dons. Pies. Catters. Dees. Dogs. Roos. Sainters. Orange team. Crom. Poos and wees.
Greater Western Sydney Giants: The New York Giants, the North Melbourne Giants, its been used a few times, but I dunno, it's okay i guess. Their theme song is cheesy but somehow so satisfying. I guess compared to GC they are the bigger of the expansion clubs in success.

It's the best club song by a long long way. It's the only one that is a decent tune outside of the footy bubble.
Stealing from myself because I'm sure my rankings haven't changed:
#1 - Eagles
Naturally. Majestic, native apex predator that shits on everything below it.

#2 - Lions
Much like the above but not native and with a poorer pooping range.

#3 - Tigers
Lions with less hair and no friends. Makes a nice rug, admittedly.

#4 - Demons
Could be higher on the list but the plural suggests a lack of uniqueness common to the lower ranks of the infernal hierarchy. May be demonic equivalent of bin men.

#5 - Kangaroos
The only part of the coat of arms pulling its weight (looking at you, wattle). Can * you up if they want to. Can pause pregnancies, which is a neat trick.

#6 - Crows
Big brains. Can use tools. Black is stylish.

#7 - Magpies
Also big brained but too associated with Collingwood to be higher.

#8 - Swans
Scrapes into the 8 by virtue of being WA's state emblem. Otherwise look good but are dumb as a post and are essentially bottom-feeders.
#9 - Giants
Useful for reaching things on high shelves, changing light bulbs, etc. Traditionally eat people however.

#10 - Bulldogs
Inbred, can't breath without wheezing, useless legs - basically the Hapsburgs of dogs.

#11 - Cats
Never met one that wasn't utterly neurotic.

#12 - Dockers
Not even what we call them here. Can't be used alone without infringing on a trademark for terrible pants.

#13 - Saints
Seriously? No, seriously?

#14 - Suns
The sun is my skin's mortal enemy. The thought of more than one fills me with disgust and the urge to stay indoors.

#15 - Hawks
Just eagles from Wish.

#16 - Power
It isn't everything. It isn't a good nickname for starters.

#17 - Bombers
Rendered militarily obsolete by ICBMs and armed drones, now only conjures images of terrorists murdering scores of people.

#18 - Blues
Proof that the only creative thing about Carlton is their bookkeeping.

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