Who will be better in 2024? Crows, Lions, Carlton, Pies, Essendon, Freo, GC, Geelong, GWS, Hawks, Dees, Roos, Port, Rich, St.K, Syd, Dogs or WC?

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Oh come on! Why jump so far ahead?

There were so many different combinations of teams to make more of these threads before adding them all in. 🤪

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Someone will be flag favourite in April. Someone else will be flag favourite in July. And someone else by August. And someone else wins the flag.

None of them will be Essendon. One of the first 3 will be Carlton.
That's not how it worked in 2023.

Pies claimed flag favouritism after round 3, and held it for the remainder of the season.

Does that mean this 2023 Pies team are 'unprecedented'?

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The thing about dealing with predicting the future of footy teams is that, at some point, the future happens, and then we get to look back at everyone who was laughably wrong.
At this early stage, I will pick the Crows to be the big improver in 2024, but it really is impossible to make a prediction without the knowledge of the trade and draft. As of October 6th, I will pick them to finish 4th.
I think we will see some teams sliding also, Carlton, Port and the Pies. I have the Blues finishing 8th and Port missing the 8 altogether. Collingwood will be still partying up until Christmas and the season was very even with no dominant team, they will still finish 5th IMO. Someone will come from nowhere and possibly make the finals, but who that will be cannot be assessed until after the trade and draft period. My bias is toward Geelong, they are certainly capable of bouncing back, but it will depend on their pre season and injury recovery.

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