Worst afl player you've seen (and why)

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Jul 18, 2018
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Port Adelaide
to be honest, could list any of the mortons
To be honest? :drunk:

Cale was out of his depth and a fairly worthy candidate for the thread, but certainly not the case with Mitch who was a very dangerous mid sized forward throughout his career. His playing style was naturally at odds with the development of the game, but did not lack for talent or even in terms of production which remained reasonable. Jarryd did not make all that much of an impression, but did not notice him as especially bad - being a reasonably regular depth player in a strong Hawthorn side is not the worst thing to have on your footballing CV.


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Nov 15, 2013
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West Coast
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Actually, this is plain wrong, and just built by the media hype because of the Tambling over Franklin debacle.
Tambling had some brief periods of great footy, and some further extensions of solid footy. He was below average overall, but he was far from the worst. To give you the correct answer from the Tigers, Jarrod Oakley-Nicholls played 13 games between 06-09. He is undoubtably the worst player to have put on a Tiger jumper, especially considering he was taken inside the top 10 (I still have no idea how).
He was an uncoordianted, fumbly, skinny, cat of an outside player. He made Jordy McMahon look like Ben Cousins and Richard Tambling look like Andy McLeod compared to him.

Other nominations from Richmond include Adam Pattison. This guy somehow made it onto 3 AFL lists!!! And one of them was Hawthorn!?!?
66 games in total, I don't remember a single good one. He did take a nice contested chest mark though. One time.
The whole tigers list since about 1985 to 2010

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Oct 9, 2006
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Super Tottenham....from the Lane.
Ultra talented, Flashy flamboyant CHF at hawthorn, Crazy trade to get that Pick 1. There was an angry mob at hawthorn HQ when we traded him. We had just given an ultra talented McPharlin who wanted to go home, and we freaking Bundled our best young player in it as welkl to get Luke Hodge who was unproven

Came back and was a rock for us for a couple of years as well. Worked out ok in the end
Was AA in 2005. Played 200 games and won a flag.

Croad was an excellent footballer.


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Oct 12, 2007
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South BHFL, 49ers
Billy Longer.

Occasionally wins the hit outs but has no other ability at all.. He's as slow as a turtle, has no agility, can't judge the flight of the ball, drops simple uncontested marks, can't kick, can't tackle and averages less than a kick per game.

Easily the worst in the AFL at the moment
A modern-day Mark Blake

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Apr 27, 2017
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Jake “push up” King

Very average footballer who was better known for doing better off field Andrew on the training track.

What Team has had the most!

Really?? So in the whole history of Australian rules football Richmond have had the most? Interesting considering they have won 12 flags. Also can you tell what this is supposed to mean? "Very average footballer who was better known for doing better off field Andrew on the training track."
I can't make sense of it.

Also I thought this was a thread about the worst footballer, not the most average..........

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Oct 9, 2006
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Super Tottenham....from the Lane.
A few of my mob:

Brendan Krummel - absolutely sh!thouse.
Billy Hartung - could run and that's all. Had no football talent whatsoever.
Harry Miller - played scared, you could see he wasn't up for it.
Harry Morrison - Hawk fans will criticise me for this but he's not very good at all.


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Sep 9, 2014
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Western Bulldogs
Billy Hartung - could run and that's all. Had no talent whatsoever.
I didn't mind Hartung and was surprised when he got delisted from North.

Yeah running was his main attribute, and in modern footy that can sometimes be enough.

He is far from one of the worst AFL players ever though.


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Jun 27, 2011
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Jack Anthony would be in the mix and Cam Mcarthy is heading in the right direction for this award.
Two pretty strange cases.

Anthony turned to crap during those 2009 finals (kicked that winning goal, but did close to nothing else in 3 finals) to never recover. After doing ok in a pretty decent team. Probably to much of a one trick pony for modern teams. But was still pretty young in 2009...

Still thing McCarthy is very talented. Just too lazy to be fit enough and play his natural position as half forward pushing to wings (that Nick Riewoldt role).


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Nov 10, 2009
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My dad had it out for Rowan Jones and my mates dad hated on Mark Bolton.

To show my lack of age, I didn’t really watch much of their careers so I can’t vouch either way

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