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  1. The Nostradamus

    Todd Marshall [signs 5 year deal]

    198cm Victorian key forward 25 years old with 94 games played Port seem to have signed up a few lately but not this guy. They have georgiades and Ollie lord signed up for a few years so is Marshall expandable/will he come home Restricted free agent so they can match offers
  2. bird_man

    Toast Wilkie & Sinclair named All-Australian, Marshall makes squad of 44

    Congratulations to Jack Sinclair, Rowan Marshall and Cal Wilkie, who have all been named in the All Australian squad of 44
  3. Minga

    Game Day Round 15, 2023: St.Kilda v Brisbane *SPUD'S GAME* *CROUCH 150TH* *MARSHALL 100TH*

    ...been a tier above us in that time, and yet, we have been competitive in every single one of those matches, they’re very gettable. I think Marshall has a big game, had 20 disposals (13 contested) and 42 hit outs against them last time and it’s a milestone game for him. Also think one of our...
  4. George

    Preview Round 15, 2023: St.Kilda v Brisbane - Marvel Stadium, Friday 23rd June, 7:50PM AEST *SPUD'S GAME* *CROUCH 150TH* *MARSHALL 100TH*

    Yes it's a week away but it is Spud's game and there's already media coming out about it so figured we could house it all in here as part of the preview.
  5. BigFootyNews

    News & Events US Marshals Service suffers security breach -

    Sensitive law enforcement information compromised. Sensitive law enforcement information compromised. Continue reading...
  6. 06 - marshall-2.jpg

    06 - marshall-2.jpg

  7. Hubnester

    Toast Ro Recommits - Rowan Marshall re-signs until 2027

    A bit of good news for the week. We've got Rowan for another 5 years! Might say it was never in doubt but always a good feeling to have it confirmed.
  8. H

    Mitchell Lewis v Todd Marshall

    Who’s the better player? Mitch Lewis averaging 3 goals a game this year for a total of 27 goals - Todd Marshall averaging 2.1 goals a game for total of 27 goals.
  9. Lore

    AFLW Player # 6: Danielle Marshall - Retires - 15/12

    We got ourselves an American 😁 Danielle is one of our VFLW bombers who has today committed to joining our AFLW list!
  10. HugeJohnson

    Is Todd Marshall a once in a generation key forward?

    Genuine question. Hot todddies
  11. The Nostradamus

    Recommitted Rowan Marshall [Signed until 2027]

    Big saints ruck out of contract Turns 27 at the end of year. This will be his probably most important contract of his career that would take him deep into his career. One to watch and clubs with ageing rucks might splash cash here.
  12. M

    Signed 2021 BENJI MARSHALL Training-Worn NRL Rabbitohs Jersey PROOF COA 2022

    Signed 2021 BENJI MARSHALL Training-Worn NRL Rabbitohs Jersey PROOF COA 2022 On Ebay
  13. Taylor

    Club Focus Port Adelaide 2022 - Horne-Francis, Jr. Rioli, Evans, McCallum, Scully, Marshall, Williams

    Data from footywire. To check the draft order see the thread here. Footywire says: "While we make every effort to keep up to date with player contracts, it is likely that our data may at times be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. If you find any player contracts that need updating...
  14. M

    Match Worn 2021 Benji Marshall Worn And Signed Boots . Very Rare

    Match Worn 2021 Benji Marshall Worn And Signed Boots . Very Rare On Ebay
  15. B

    Opinion Marshall vs Georgiades

    Surely Marshall can't come in after how well georgiadis did last night On SM-N986B using mobile app
  16. Kurve

    Current The claims and crimes of serial child sex offender Mark Trevor Marshall

    Mark Trevor Marshall is a notorious paedophile from South Australia, convicted of sex crimes that date back to the 80s. He's currently in prison where he writes a lot. His written confessions to a counsellor put him at the scene of some of Adelaide's most baffling abduction/murders, the...
  17. W

    Konrad Marshall

    Does anyone know if Konrad Marshall has a book planned for this year's triumph and our unstoppable march to a Dymmasty?